Need teambuilding with a twist? This murder mystery supperclub is just the ticket

Need teambuilding with a twist? This murder mystery supperclub is just the ticket

Updated on 13 July 2018 • Written By Tonje Odegard

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Need teambuilding with a twist? This murder mystery supperclub is just the ticket
There’s never been a murder on the Murdér Express – could this be the first? We tested London’s latest immersive dining and theatre experience and it's ideal for groups

Murdér Express? Isn’t it the Orient Express? Not quite, but it definitively has all the glamour of an Agatha Christie novel. We’re somewhere in the 1930’s, setting off from (the not quite real) Pedley Street Station in London to Murdér in France (apparently a popular holiday destination) – and we’ve got a feeling something sinister is about to happen.

Murder Mystery Supper Club teambuilding dining guests

On the platform, we’re approached by Frank, an East End Costermonger, who’s trying to sell us some dodgy-looking items. Shortly after, we’re called aboard the train by the conductor – and we're off.

The menu is designed by Billy and Jack, the two Master Chef 2016 runner-ups, who have been doing supper clubs across town for the past two years. No sooner have we finished our starters (deliciously spicy Mulligatawny soup with an open cucumber sandwich) when someone is found dead. 

Murder Mystery Supper Club teambuilding dining master chef runner up chefs 1920s dress decor

Who killed him? What follows is a gripping and entertaining hour-and-a-half of trying to unravel the mystery. Is it Tilley, a music hall star and an old flame of Frank's? Or Vera, the old widow in search of adventure? Or is it Cliff, the local antique dealer who came on board with a bottle of poison? 

If you’re group isn't up for audience participation, this might not be for them – the actors mingle among the other ‘passengers’, weaving us into the story (of which I fell victim to). But every so often, they let slip something they perhaps shouldn’t have, giving you indications of who the murderer or murderess could be.

After a main of pink butler’s steak with buttery scallop potatoes – crushed, then pressed –  and savoy cabbage (the type of dish that makes you go mmmmmm when you bite into it), and a dessert of apple tart with clotted cream, the mystery is eventually solved. 

Want to know who it was? I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself.


The Murdér Express is produced by Funicular Productions and runs until late September. Exclusive hire is for maximum 48 people. 

Tickets start at £53pp. 

Pedley Street Station | Arch 63 Pedley Street, E2 6GS

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