The finishing touches to your Christmas party: Smith & Sinclair will sort you out

The finishing touches to your Christmas party: Smith & Sinclair will sort you out

Updated on 05 December 2018 • Written By Tonje Odegard

The finishing touches to your Christmas party: Smith & Sinclair will sort you out

Venue? Tick. Catering? Tick. Decorations: Tick. Entertainment? Tick. Everything seems to be done and dusted for the Christmas party. But have you thought about the finishing touches? These are the things that will make your office do stand out from the ones from previous years.

In our article ‘The generation game’, we explain how people (millennials in particular), want something ‘unique’. More specifically, they want an experience they can share on social media.  

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Now don’t panic and think that your end-of-year party will be a flop because you don’t have a gigantic flower wall for your guests to pose in front for Instagram. You see, we’ve got the solution for you: Smith & Sinclair

How do edible bubbles or inhalable cocktails sound? These are just a couple of the many things Smith & Sinclair can provide. All its installations play on the senses, and it’s to a memorable effect. 

Christmas-specific offers are also available. We especially like the sound of the Signature Garnish Bar for pre-party drinks – this will allow your guest to express themselves creatively and undoubtedly lead to photo opportunities. The cost is £500 based on 30 guests (additional guests cost £9pp), and includes three hours of garnishing. Smith & Sinclair will provide a glass of fizz for every guest, as well as all the equipment and garnishes. 

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The Christmas Multi-Sensorial enhanced experience sounds incredible, too. For £1,000 (based on 50 guests), you can dunk your face in the inhalable mulled wine vapour orb, catch edible alcoholic bubbles that are burst into the air, or munch on cocktail gummies. Or how about a ‘deconstructed’ cocktail? Have it in either powder form or a liquid, edible fragrance. 

If this all sounds too wacky for you, you can also opt for a good, old-fashioned cocktail masterclass to kick things off (£35pp). There’s still a twist though – as this is also multi-sensorial, there’ll be colour-changing cocktails, inhalable festive blends and spherification balls – Instagram will be booming. All alcohol and tonic is included. 

Make sure your office party will be one to remember this year and get in touch with the team. Simply click on the button below. 

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