Michelle Trusselle

Michelle Trusselle, semi-finalist of MasterChef: The Professionals, creates an elevated dining experience through her classical training and love for Caribbean flavours

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Michelle Trusselle is passionate about sharing her love of Caribbean cookery, having combined her skills and determination into Myristica, a London-based, monthly supper club. She aims to create a positive experience surrounding her food, creating a unique style of dishes that also evoke a sense of nostalgia. 

From an early age Trusselle knew she was interested in the culinary world. Citing food as the centre of her family gatherings, she depicts moments of bliss where members brought and shared their specialties with everyone else at the table. Trusselle transformed this love of food into a more formal interest via classical training, that would see her work for a variety of established restaurants, eventually establishing her own.  

Starting her studies at the Westminster Culinary Arts College at the age of 16, Trusselle was introduced to a range of different techniques, leading her to form an appreciation for technical French skills. Following her initial studies, Trusselle embarked on a successful run of working in a number of established restaurants, including The Savoy and Claridges. Notably, Trusselle was invited to work at La Trompette under acclaimed chef Bruce Poole, where the restaurant gained a Michelin star during her time there. Here, Trusselle was able to further explore the importance of technicality in food preparation.  

Trusselle was also a semifinalist of MasterChef: The Professionals and in 2019 was invited back to appear on MasterChef: The Professionals – The Rematch. During her appearance on the show, after having extremely positive reviews on her dishes, Trusselle realised that she wanted to focus on curating an elevated version of Caribbean food. 

Myristica is a space for exactly that. It is a culmination of Trusselle’s past, present and future passions, where she utilises her attention to detail and classical training to create vibrant, tasty dishes that are heavily inspired by Caribbean traditions and flavours.