Best hotel bars in London

We found 40 restaurants in Best hotel bars in London.

Whether you are staying in one of London’s fabulous hotels or are just looking for a great to enjoy a drink in the capital, check out Square Meal’s list of the best hotel bars in London. London boasts some of the finest hotels in the world so it is only natural that it also boasts some of the finest hotel bars in the world too. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy a drink in the hotel bar and with so many fabulous hotel bars to choose from in London it’s just as well. From five star luxury to ultra-hip and trendy, there are hotel bars to suit all tastes in London.

There are so many great hotel bars in London it can sometimes be hard to choose, so take a look through Square Meal’s helpful list of the best hotel bars in London and find your perfect hotel bar today. Also take a look at bars in Mayfair; bars in the City; bars in Covent Garden and bars in Bloomsbury & Fitzrovia for further suggestions.

Every one of the top hotel bars in London featured in Square Meal’s list of London’s best hotel bars have been tried and tested by critics and our own customers so check out the reviews with Square Meal today. Each Square Meal listing features an independent review, as well as reviews from those who have visited, together with unique special offers such as free drinks and discounts.