Auditoria & Venues with Tiered Seating

We found 66 venues in Auditoria & Venues with Tiered Seating. Venues in London with auditoriums, lecture theatres or rooms with raked or tiered seating, including theatres and cinemas

When you’re organising seated events for large groups it sometimes helps to book an auditorium or a venue with tiered seating. Product launches, for example, always benefit from guests being able to properly see and hear the focal point. In London and the UK there are a whole host of auditoria or venues with tiered seating and has a list of the best available. London’s top theatres are a natural choice, offering the benefit of raked seating with bags of architectural character. Then there are the major cinema chains, which have venues dotted across town, with a concentration in the buzzing West End. The advantage with cinemas or venues with screening room is, of course, the use of cutting-edge screens, many with 3D. You’ll also find some of the best conference centres and museums also offering tiered seating, great for an AGM. There’s even the odd stadium for really big meetings.