23 July 2014

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Tried & Tested: Wacky races


Ever get a need for speed? Try taking your team for a race day at Buckmore Park.

Buckmore Park 2014 - 1402_Buckmore_Park_Tried_and_Tested_10_resized.jpg

It was the rainiest day of all time. The pre-race briefing with senior instructor Alan was tense: ‘Now, normally, you’d drive the kart like this’ he said, all wry and foreboding. ‘If you do that today, though, you’ll end up here. Or here. Or here.’ His laser pen pointed at places that weren’t tarmac.

Suitably alarmed, we clad ourselves in armoured jumpsuits and faced the tempest. Ours was a 25-minute endurance race: warm up, qualifying, race. With rain still coming down sideways, we pumped the pedals and cautiously navigated the bends. From a distance, the karts looked like hovercrafts.

Buckmore Park Kart Circuit - 1402_Buckmore_Park_Tried_and_Tested_7-resized.jpg

Three laps in, just before the qualifier round, it happened: everyone started speeding up – dramatically. My confidence was growing, and with the others swarming me for pole, it seemed theirs was too. I saw fist pumping, power slides, and the occasional kart kiss – anything to clinch the lead.

And then, just as I felt the kart and I were one, that Mr Button and I had something in common, the chequered flag flew. I arrived in the pits to a team sodden, but smiling. Next time we’ll check it’s raining before we book.

Buckmore Park Kart Circuit - 1402_Buckmore_Park_Tried_and_Tested_49-resized.jpg

This article was first published in Square Meal Venues & Events, spring 2014.

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