22 August 2014

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Tried & Tested: mad science


Get a quick teambuilding fix with the new range of breakout activities on offer at the Science Museum

Photos: Andrew Theodore


It’s not every day you’re asked to pull a table cloth from under a tea set at a conference but it would seem team V&E has a natural talent – we all manage to nail the classic party trick on the first attempt. We’re also meant to have learnt something about Newton in the process – something to do with minimising friction – but we’re pretty sure it’s magic.

We’re in the Science Museum’s impressive Director’s Suite and, with the cloth-pulling out of the way, we move onto the Stupid Egg Trick: three eggs perched on Smarties boxes, three water-filled glasses and a place mat separating them. Whack it from the side, in they drop. Again, magic.

Science museum - team - dunk_web.jpg

Our favourite, though, is The Cornflour Slime (half water, half cornflour), aka a ‘non-Newtonian fluid’. It looks like a liquid, but the harder you touch it, the more solid it gets. We’re amazed.

Our final exploration is with dry ice (pictured) and heavy bubbles filled with carbon dioxide. We realise that by covering our fingers in washing-up liquid we can poke away without them popping. 

Science museum - team - the_team_web.jpg

Breakout sessions don’t get much simpler than this, but like kids with new toys, we don’t want to stop playing.

Kitchen Science breakouts last up to an hour and cost £1,750 for up to 30 delegates. 

Science Museum, Exhibition Rd, SW7 2DD, tel: 020 7942 4340, squaremeal.co.uk/teamscience

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