22 August 2014

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Jason Atherton’s empire to expand


Twickenham 2013 - 1304_Twickenham_Jason-Atherton-resized.jpgAlthough no one has signed on the dotted line, it seems almost certain that Jason Atherton (pictured, right) will take over the restaurant in Tower 42 (pictured, left) when Gary Rhodes packs his bags in September after 10 years at Rhodes Twenty Four.

What will be different about Atherton’s first City venture? ‘If it goes ahead, it will be a really grown-up restaurant, and I’d like to emphasise sharing plates for the first time since Maze,’ the chef told Square Meal. ‘But, as always, someone from my organisation will head up the team.’

1412 24-T42 NIGHT-flat -tower 42-1 - 1412_24-T42_NIGHT-flat_-tower_42-1.jpg2013 has already been a big year for Atherton; he opened two restaurants within a month of each other in spring, and has expanded his business interests in Singapore. Is the chef following in his mentor Gordon Ramsay’s footsteps and trying to build an empire?

‘We spend a lot of money on training, we pay our staff well, and senior people are given stakes in the business,’ said Atherton. ‘As long as you work really hard and keep your feet on the ground, the rest takes care of itself.’

This story was published in the summer 2013 issue of Square Meal Lifestyle.

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