21 August 2014

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I, Robot


mercedes destination_kinetica 2013 - Kinetica_AADLAB---fallenstar2012_03.jpgMan has often questioned whether it’s possible for machines or robots to have artificial intelligence, or even a soul. With their synthetic constructs, it’s difficult to imagine a computer, or 21st-century tin man, taking on the most complex of functions that only humans are currently capable of. It may not be an impossible task, however.

Similar questions could be asked of some of the less-represented genres of art: kinetic, robotic, sound, time-based and new media. A world away from the comfy acrylic canvases, sensual sculptures and challenging photography, does such ‘artificial’ work have a place in the art world?

The organisers of the Kinetica Art Fair seem to think so. The UK’s only art fair dedicated to the aforementioned under-represented genres, Kinetica will open its doors in Marylebone for four days, hosting work of more than 45 galleries and art organisations from around the world.

There will be talks, presentations and performances based around the theme of perception and reality, with such works as a life-size galloping horse made of light by Remi Brun, one of Europe’s pioneers of motion capture, and beautiful mandalas made of computer components, created by multimedia artist Leonardo Ulian. The latter work was intended to combine the ‘spiritual meaning of the Indian mandalas with something that has been perceived as far from that sphere of influence: technology.’

This may be an exhibition whose works consist of silicone, lights and wires, but it’s likely there’ll also be a whole lot of soul on display, too.

Kinetica Art Fair takes place at Ambika P3 in London from 28 February-3 March. For further information visit kinetica-artfair.com.

This story was published in January 2013.

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