29 July 2014

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Drum Cafe


Drum Cafe Silver Sturgeon - drum_cafe_037.jpgWhen Drum Cafe set up a one off drumming teambuilding workshop on the Silver Sturgeon recently, we were there to join the beat. The verdict? Having put on over 28,000 shows in 53 countries, the company has clearly found a formula that works. Seated in a semi-circle around founder Brett Schlesinger guests are divided into groups and taught how to hold and hit the drum to produce the best sound. Starting with a simple two beats per-second medley, Schlesinger and his team of three master beaters take it in turns to put their own spin on the rhythm and crank up the difficulty. Drum Cafe - Radical2.jpg

There’s no pressure, you can join in, or drop out and just sit back and listen as you like. Hysterical laughing sometimes drowns out the track but only adds to the fun atmosphere. Everyone’s involved, with enough African bongo drums to easily cater for a 90-plus attendance. Arguably more suited to an outdoor event, guests still had a great time in the confines on the boat: 'this would go down really well with our bosses; I’ve not seen anything like it before - great for a summer party,' said Jane Clark-Denyer, of events company Threadneedle.

This article first appeared in Square Meal Venues & Events magazine, Summer 2009

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