1 August 2014

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Breddo’s Tacos replaces Lucky Chip Slider Bar at The Player


The Player - The_Player_2008_-_Player_new_-_for_web.jpgStreet-food taco star Breddo’s – a fixture at some of the capital’s most popular markets and pop-up events – has taken over from Lucky Chip Slider Bar at The Player (pictured, right).

The new menu features bite-sized snacks including mint-crunch fried-chicken tacos and braised short-rib tacos, plus sliders, fries and the team’s signature chaser, the chilliback (a shot of Tequila mixed with pickled Habanero chilli brine).

Lucky Chip, which also started its business on the streets of the capital, launched Slider Bar at The Player in August last year, bringing miniature versions of its customers’ favourite burgers to the louche basement bar. It initially signed up for a six-month stint, but this was extended to a year following the success of the venture.

Breddo’s will stay at The Player for a minimum of six months, with a view to extending their residency if they enjoy similar success to that of their predecessors.

This story was published in September 2013.

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