31 July 2014

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Beefeater Twisted Destinations Cocktail Challenge


This year's Beefeater Twisted Cocktail Challenge has caused quite a stir with 800 lucky Square Meal readers sampling free Beefeater gin cocktails in 10 of London’s hottest bars.

Beefeater - Beef.jpgLast month saw almost a whopping 1,000 Square Meal readers drink their way around 10 of London's top bars in search of the Beefeater Twisted Cocktail Champion for 2008. Sampling everything from flower-strewn punches to carrot puree and Earl Grey tea, they were looking for the Beefeater gin cocktail that was not only the best tasting, but which also captured the spirit of some of London's best-loved destinations.

And now, thousands of cocktails later, we are pleased to announce the results. In first place was Bermondsey's Village East, devised by Scott Walker, with a Borough Marketini made with a host of fresh produce from the local market, served complete with baby carrot garnish and paper bag drinks mat. A close second was Pinchito Tapas with its mouth-tingling shandy-style drink named after historic Hay's Wharf, and in third place was Lost Society with its summery, elderflower-infused Clapham Common Collins.

Cheers to everyone for taking part!

The Bars & The Cocktails


157 Commercial St, E1. Tel: 020 7247 7392

Hawksmoor Bar image - Hawksmoor_Bar_image.jpg

Cocktail: Hawksmoor Summer Fruit Cup
75ml Beefeater gin
75ml Cup Mix *
50ml lemon juice
25ml gomme
30ml fruit puree
50ml prosecco

* Cup Mix
3 parts Dixons Double Diamond Tawny Port
2 parts Lillet Rouge
2 parts Cointreau
1 part framboise
1 part orange bitters
1 part Angostura Bitters


48 Lonsdale Road, W11. Tel: 020 7727 4080

Lonsdale Refurbished Image 9tif jpg - Lonsdale_Refurbished_Image_9tif_jpg.jpgCocktail:  Bello Punch
60 ml Beefeater gin
25ml Lillet Rouge
20ml elderflower cordial
10ml lemon juice
2 dashes of orange bitters
8 pieces of cucumber
2 orange twists
6 pieces of Granny Smith
apple (bash, but don’t puree!)
Glass: Punch cup
Garnish: Mint sprig
Method: Stir everything except the Champagne in a mixing glass, transfer into a punch cup and top up with Champagne.


697 Wandsworth Rd, SW8. Tel: 020 7652 6526

Lost Society 01 - Lost_Society_01.jpgCocktail:  The Clapham Common Collins
40ml Beefeater gin
Whole kiwi fruit
5 white grapes
Handful of basil
15ml St Germain
Elder flower Liqueur
10ml jasmine syrup
5ml lemon juice
Sparkling white wine
Glass: Collins
Garnish: Grape, basil sprig and some jasmine
Method: Muddle kiwi, grapes and basil in a Boston shaker. Add Beefeater, elderflower, jasmine, lemon juice, shake and strain into glass with large cubes of ice.
Top with sparkling wine.


Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, SE1. Tel: 020 7803 3888

OXO tower - OXO_tower.jpgCocktail: Two Towers
50ml Beefeater gin
25ml St Germain
Elderflower Liqueur
25ml pressed lemon juice
25ml peach puree
20ml Earl Grey tea syrup
4 drops lemon bitters
4 mint leaves
Glass: Collins or 11oz Sling
Garnish: Fresh peach slices and mint sprig
Method: Pour ingredients into a Boston shaker with plenty of cubed ice,
shake vigorously and strain. Add shaved ice and churn.


32 Featherstone St, EC1. Tel: 020 7490 0121

Pinchito Tapas 04 - Pinchito_Tapas_04.jpgCocktail: Hay's Ginger Brew
1 inch cube fresh ginger
30ml gomme
1 whole lemon, peeled
50ml Beefeater gin
4-5 ice cubes
100ml London Pride
Glass: Maxi Glass
Garnish: Lemon peel coil and grated ginger
Method: Muddle first two ingredients and add to blender with lemon, gin and ice cubes, and blend. Pour into glass, add London Pride, stir and top with cracked and crushed ice.


128-132 Borough High St, SE1. Tel: 020 7407 4057

Roxy Bar & Screen - Roxy_-_7580_back_booths_-_for_web.jpgCocktail: The Borough Market G&T
50ml Beefeater gin infused with lemongrass and lime leaves
Top up with tonic
Dash orange bitters
Glass: Collins
Garnish: Sprig of lemon thyme and a lime leaf
Method: Build in a tall glass over ice.


The Hide - Hide13_cmyk_-_for_web.jpg39-45 Bermondsey St, SE1. Tel: 020 7403 6655

Cocktail: Traitor's Gate
50ml Beefeater gin
50ml Pinot Grigio
4 drops lemon bitters
15ml simple syrup
Glass: Cocktail
Garnish: Three juniper berries
Method: Stir and serve ‘up.’


104-108 Curtain Road, EC2A. Tel: 020 7613 2844.

The Hoxton Pony - STONED_PONY_011.jpgCocktail: The Count
6 fresh cherries
20ml Beefeater gin
20ml Campari
20ml Cherry Marnier
Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Orange zest and stirrer
Method: Muddle cherries in base of glass. Add three ice cubes and gin, stir 20 times. Add more ice and Campari, stir 20 times. Add remaining ice and Cherry Marnier, and stir 20 times.


171-173 Bermondsey St, SE1. Tel: 020 7357 6082

Cocktail: The Borough Marketini
Village East - Village_East_barX.jpgX.jpg 40ml Beefeater gin
20ml Orange
Boudier Liqueur
30ml carrot puree
30ml orange juice
A sprig of coriander
Nail of fresh ginger
Dash of lemon juice
Glass: Martini
Garnish: Skewered baby carrot
Method: Muddle ginger, add other ingredients,
shake and double strain into glass.

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