20 August 2014

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Auchentoshan - daring to be different


Triple distillation is just one thing that sets Auchentoshan single malt apart from the rest 

Auchentoshan whisky bottles Auchentoshan can certainly be described as a single malt whisky that likes to stand out from the crowd and do things differently. It’s the only one of Scotland’s hundred-plus distilleries that still carries on the more complex tradition of triple distillation to refine its whisky. This extra endeavour gives Auchentoshan its smooth purity and hallmark style of a soft and delicate single malt with fruity and floral notes.

Another thing that jumps out at you is the tongue-twisting name (pronounced Och-un-tosh-un), which is Gaelic for ‘corner of the field’ and describes the gentle rural landscape of the Scottish Lowlands where Auchentoshan was founded over 180 years ago. That rich heritage and tradition has now been united with a bold and contemporary bottle design to stand out on the shelf and appeal to the 21st-century drinker.

New expressions have been added to the distillery’s family of premium malts as part the whisky’s striking revamp. One new addition is the fresh and citrussy Auchentoshan Classic – a high-quality, 100% bourbon-matured whisky with subtly sweet aromas of coconut and vanilla. It provides an ideal introduction to premium malts to be enjoyed any time. 

The new 12 year old is the keystone of the range and represents the distillery’s quintessential smoothness, with signature notes of orange and nuttiness. This versatile malt can be enjoyed on its own but also shines in cocktails. Bridging the gap between this and the mature complexity of the 21 year old is a new 18 year old expression that has intriguing notes of green tea and almonds. The popular Three Wood expression, finished in Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry casks to give rich dark fruit flavours, also remains in the range. 

There are myriad ways to enjoy these whiskies and they offer such a wide spectrum of flavours and styles that there is something to suit every palate, mood and occasion. The younger, zestier expressions are ideal as an aperitif to sip long over ice, or mixed in classics such as a Rob Roy or a Champagne cocktail. Meanwhile the depth and intricacies of the older malts are suited to sipping straight, over conversation with friends, or savouring alongside a dessert – Auchentoshan Three Wood works particularly well here. Try it with a chocolate-dipped strawberry, which complements the fruity sweetness of the whisky. Just one of many delicious reasons to discover what makes Auchentoshan so unique and the number one selling Lowland whisky in the world.

Auchentoshan whisky bottle cork Auchentoshan 12 Year Old, 40% abv

Nose: Toasted almond, caramel and toffee.
Palate: Smooth and sweet with hints of citrus.
Finish: Drying with nutty tones.
Expect to pay: £26

Originally published in Square Meal Whisky Special 08/09

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