Livery Halls & City HQs

We found 36 venues in Livery Halls & City HQs. Livery halls and venues in the City of London that are institution HQs, Inns of Court or historic landmarks

It might only be a square mile but the City of London is packed full of livery halls that can be hired for your event. Whether you are looking for wedding reception venues in London, conference centres or exhibition spaces, these grand old venues will provide an impressive backdrop to your event.

Most of the buildings listed above are livery halls and were therefore built specifically to host events and accommodate large numbers of people. In short they are some of the most practical venues in London and well suited to any event you are planning on throwing.

Some of the halls in this directory are capable of accommodating well over 1,000 sit-down guests, which is why they are popular conference and exhibition venues for big businesses. Location wise they are some of the most central venues in London too, so they should be fairly easy for your guests to find.

Although many companies use these cavernous halls for big business meetings, these historical halls are also popular for social gatherings. With enough notice they can be turned into amazing party venues, which is why couples looking for wedding reception venues in London often end up hiring a livery hall.