Funky Venues

We found 101 venues in Funky Venues. Unusual, unique & funky venues in central London. We define 'funky' as: arty, colourful, fun & designer-driven.

Trend conscious event organisers will need a venue that is as cool and unusual as the event itself. London isn’t short on funky venues that will complement the most modish party or reception. has an exclusive list of London and the UK’s best funky spaces. Whether funky means great views, a party atmosphere, an arty and designer vibe or just really good fun, the list above has a selection of London and the UK’s top venues. All you lucky brides-to-be out there will know that picking a venue to perfectly match the style and ambience of a wedding is a tricky business. With the list of funky venues we’ve put together, we hope to make even your most unusual hiring requirements a bit easier. And let’s not forget conferences centres, there’s some light, bright and modern venues dotted across London and beyond that make you think, funky.