Restaurants in Chichester

Perched along the West Sussex coastline, with the beautiful South Downs as its backdrop, Chichester is a fortunate city as far as location is concerned. Yet its good fortune doesn’t end there, this bustling Sussex city offers plenty to see and do. Chichester Cathedral has been hosting visitors for over 900 years whilst the Chichester Real Ale and Jazz festival attracts people in their thousands every year. The harbour is a real crowd pleaser and attracts many folk from far and wide, particularly affluent Londoners who enjoy a spot of sailing on the weekend. The city centre entices visitors with top art galleries, superb shopping and an enviable selection of restaurants and cafes. Dining rooms are especially busy at the weekends with a mix of visitors and locals. Chichester has it all really- seaside location, sweeping countryside views and a rich historic and cultural scene.

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