21 August 2014

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Restaurants in Tunbridge Wells

Royal Tunbridge Wells has been attracting visitors ever since the discovery of a chalybeate spring in 1606, emerging as fashionable spa resort in Georgian times – visitors alternated between Bath for the summer and Tunbridge Wells for the winter seasons. During the 1950s, its reputation as the archetypal conservative middle-England town was typified by the fictional letter-writer ‘disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’. Nowadays, this Kent town of fine houses, fast trains and good schools is popular with London commuters. Substantial areas of parks and woodland are a major plus, as is the Pantiles, the historic and tourist centre of the town, which hosts a regional food-and-drink festival each May. As for eating out, restaurants in Tunbridge Wells range from simple places like Soprano Tapas and Wine Bar or the Black Pig Pub and Dining Room, to that enduring Tunbridge Wells institution, Thackeray’s, well known for creative fine dining.

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