31 July 2014

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Restaurants in Soho

Situated in the heart of the West End, Soho is entertainment and party central, offering everything from casual pubs to exclusive nightclubs, big-budget musicals to stand-up comedy, live music, and an even livelier clubbing scene. Modern Soho may have shed its seedy reputation but retains enough of its old risqué edge to understand why the area became synonymous with bohemian London in the 1950s, and Carnaby Street the centerpiece for the swinging sixties. Following tradition, Old Compton Street is now London’s most prominent gay area. Restaurants in Soho are, like the area, a quirky mix of style, cuisine and price, ranging from coffee bars and cafés to venerable institutions like Quo Vadis and brash cheap-eat newcomers Bone Daddies, Honest Burgers and Pitt Cue Co. New-wave Italians such as Bocca di Lupo continue the area’s strong Italian connection, while Chinatown is home to some 80 restaurants, among them Mr Kong, an old-school Cantonese.

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