22 July 2014

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Restaurants in Richmond Upon Thames

Richmond takes pride in being one of the more wealthy areas in the UK, and a much-sought-after residential location. And there’s no doubting that the south-west London town has plenty of charms: a rich history, beautiful period houses and a large number of parks and open spaces, including famous Richmond Park. Located on a meander of the River Thames, the town grew up around the building of Richmond Palace in early Tudor times and has a strong association with Queen Elizabeth I. With its affluent feel and smart shops (interspersed with the usual chain stores), Richmond is an established upmarket shopping destination, and while masses of chain eateries are clustered around the town centre, restaurants in Richmond are very good indeed. Both The Bingham and the restaurant at The Petersham offer fine river views and creative fine dining, La Buvette delivers good French classics, while A Cena woos with its modern Italian cooking.

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