22 August 2014

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Restaurants in Milton Keynes

Designated a new town in 1967, Milton Keynes quickly became ridiculed for its soulless buildings and grid systems, but that has not stopped it becoming the fastest-growing urban area in Britain. Indeed, it has stood the test of time far better than most other developments, proving to be both flexible and adaptable. With no specific town centre, Milton Keynes incorporates the centres of three existing towns and seven villages and it’s a remarkably green place – based on the Garden City ideals of the early 20th century. Famous sites include Bletchley Park, known for its code-breaking activities during WWII and as the birthplace of the modern computer. With masses of mid-range chain eateries, good restaurants in Milton Keynes tend to be found in the surrounding villages. Thatched quaint pubs like the Crooked Billet at Newton Longville, modern gastropubs like The Swan at Salford, with fine dining at Paris House, located in the Duke of Bedford’s deer park.

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