20 August 2014

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Restaurants in Ipswich

Ipswich is one of England’s oldest towns and offers close proximity to the coast; quaint seaside towns such as Aldeburgh and Southwold are just a short drive away. There is ample shopping in the town centre with a large market every day, while an extensive rebuilding programme in recent years, principally centred around the waterfront, has turned the former industrial dock area into an upmarket residential and commercial centre. Also, the town is home to University Campus Suffolk, a collaboration between the University of Essex and the University of East Anglia and hosts Ip-art (Ipswich Arts Festival), an annual summer arts festival. As for restaurants in Ipswich, Mariners, a revamped 19th-century Belgian gunboat moored just minutes from the town centre, offers a menu of time-honoured French tradition, while Hintlesham Hall, a short drive away in the country, combines period elegance and a sense of occasion with artfully balanced food.

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