21 August 2014

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Restaurants in Harrogate

Two features immediately strike the first-time visitor to Harrogate: the open space of The Stray, a common of some 200 acres in the centre of the town, and the sheer wealth of Regency and Victorian buildings, which lend an old-fashioned, prosperous air. The spa town came into its own in the Victorian era, thanks to the curative powers of its mineral wells, but the place has now established itself as a centre for shows (from the agricultural – the Great Yorkshire Show – to antiques, flowers and toys) and conferences, with the Harrogate International Centre a magnet for businesses. The Montpellier Quarter, mainly centred on the renovated Royal Baths development, is the place to find some of the best restaurants in Harrogate, including one of the town’s famous landmarks, Betty’s Café Tea Rooms. Here too, is the contemporary Van Zeller, and seafood stalwart Drum and Monkey, which has plied its trade since 1971.

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