22 August 2014

Clockjack Oven

020 3544 0759

14 Denman Street, London W1D 7HJ

£31.00 Modern European Soho

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  • Wine: £14.95
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12M-11pm (Fri-Sat -12M Sun -6pm)

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‘A surprisingly good addition to Piccadilly Circus’, and part of the capital’s current trend for deluxe chicken, Clockjack Oven offers a clutch of simple, honestly priced dishes that are an easy fit with Soho’s young, casual crowd. Free-range Breton chooks form the backbone of the operation, which has all the makings of a ‘dressed-up Nando’s’ chain. Tuck into plump rotisserie-grilled birds (with crisp, well-seasoned skin), crunchy buttermilk ‘bites’ or a generously filled CLT; there are sprightly salads too, plus desserts including decadent Purbeck ice cream. Perch at the counter and watch your dinner pirouetting in the vertical clockjack ovens, or sit at high tables in the cosy dining room – an understated mix of light wood, neutral slate, subway tiles and accents of red from the occasional candelabra. The only gripe concerns service, which veers from ‘too friendly’ to ‘downright rude’.

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  1. Clockjack Oven

    14 Denman Street, London W1D 7HJ
    Overall rating:
    Sheena D.

    Such high expectations that where never met


    • Food & Drink: 4
    • Service: 8
    • Atmosphere: 6
    • Value: 8

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  2. Clockjack Oven

    14 Denman Street, London W1D 7HJ
    Overall rating:

    Clockjack but not Clockwork

      Platinum Reviewer  (157)
    Editor's pick

    • Food & Drink: 5
    • Service: 3
    • Atmosphere: 6
    • Value: 8

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  3. Clockjack Oven

    14 Denman Street, London W1D 7HJ
    Overall rating:
    Grumbling Gourmet

    The romance of the rotisserie

      Gold Reviewer  (86)
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
    Editor's pick

    • Food & Drink: 7
    • Service: 7
    • Atmosphere: 5
    • Value: 4

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  4. Clockjack Oven

    14 Denman Street, London W1D 7HJ
    Overall rating:
    David C.

    • Food & Drink: 9
    • Service: 10
    • Atmosphere: 8
    • Value: 10

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  1. ‘What’s for dinner mum?’ I’d shout down the stairs at 1.47pm on a Sunday after an epic teenage sleepathon. ‘Only chicken’ she’d reply. ‘Now get out of bed you lazy git!’. And she was right, it was only chicken – cheap, flavourless mid-eighties battery farmed meat. They say that everything tastes of chicken, but these chickens didn’t really taste of anything! Fast forward a few years and chicken restaurants are everywhere. There’s the newly renamed CHICKENliquor (previously Wishbone), Chicken Shop, Mark Hix’s Tramshed (yes we know it sells steak too), Whyte & Brown and a Nando’s on every street corner. Saff is actually quite concerned about the amount of chickens that are consumed in this country – she honestly thinks we’re going to run out! Tucked away on Denman Street, just behind Piccadilly Circus and an eggs throw away from the spectacular looking Ham Yard Hotel is Clockjack Oven. Named after an old-fashion spit roasting contraption, this restaurant has been quietly producing some fab chicken dishes since it’s opening over 18 months ago...
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  2. Published : Friday, 11th July 2014

    The Little Brown Book :: Clockjack Oven

    Clockwork Chicken Chicken anybody? The Clockjack Oven has it covered and Soho can claim a rotisserie restaurant for it's very own. Whether it's a mid week chicken craving or a Sunday roast that you're in search of, Clockjack has made it's way into the pecking order (sorry) and serves up some pretty pleasing poulet in a wonderfully bright and fresh environment to eat in or take out.Recommended to us was this Briska pomegranate liquid heaven and apparently I now like cider, well this one anyway! It was delightfully refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness. Bottoms up! We began with a plate of greek style mezze with a delicious pepper and zucchini dip, tzatziki and houmous to share and the famed buttermilk chicken bites with creamy dipping sauce. Let the chicken adventure begin! The restaurant has a comfortably informal vibe and a great place to catch up with old (and new) friends.Between mouthfuls, have a go at the incredibly highbrow game of spot the chicken. Our brows felt considerably raised after this.The chickens turned and flamed in front of us and aromas of chicken goodness wafted around the restaurant. Having been brought up on a considerably chicken heavy diet, my nostalgia for the bird is unbounded and what better way to spend a Sunday lunchtime than in its company?!You can choose from a quarter (for the sensibly hungry), half (for the relatively ambitious) or whole chicken (for the monstrously hungry) – probably double it if you’re a strapping young lad. And then add the sauce or gravy of your choice. To accompany out chicken feast, we selected the bourbon infused sweetcorn which arrived in a delightful miniature pot. (Note to all the eligible bachelors out there, the way to my heart is definitely through le Creuset) and the dressed salad to add a nice bit a green!So we definitely didn't leave any space for dessert, ergo, we had dessert. A dark chocolate ganache and a vanilla cheesecake, both perfectly cut and placed upon slates infront of us. The buttery biscuit base to topping ratio was just right and went down an absolute treat.Checking the fantastic clockjack cog clock on the wall signalled our time had very much come to an end and it was time to dash off to The Royal Academy for yet more high brow activities.Check out what's on every day at Clockjack and skip on over for some chickeny delights. We had a scrumptious time, now it's your turn!
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  3. Published : Saturday, 10th May 2014

    #fatmY :: clockjack oven

    don’t you just love trying a new place? tucked away behind piccadilly circus on denman street lies clockjack oven, a rotisserie chicken restaurant. i’m never keen on chicken, i don’t like nando’s that’s for sure but i was willing to try somewhere new. you know when chicken has been cooked to perfection. it was a friday evening and time to catch up with mY close friends, puiyi & rita. this message made me chuckle:
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  4. London has been inundated by a small flood of fried and roast chicken restaurants. I fully recognise that chicken cooked well can be a world apart from the usual fowl stuff, but I haven’t really covered these chicken restaurants largely because I just don’t care. Chicken, broadly speaking, is a meat for children – safe, predictable, comforting and uninteresting. Given this state of mind, I probably shouldn’t be reviewing Clockjack Oven, a Soho rotisserie chicken restaurant a mere stone’s throw away from Piccadilly Circus. Nonetheless, an otherwise fruitless, ravenous late night wandering with The Euro Hedgie brought me to its welcoming, friendly door...
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  5. Restaurants in and around theatre-land (that buzzing area of the West End covering Soho, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Covent Garden) are notoriously busy, especially at the Clockjack Oven insideweekend. Many of the hottest foodie hotspots have no-booking policies, and the consequent waiting times for tables (often in excess of an hour) are enough to drive anyone crazy. Imagine our surprise, then, when one Saturday evening we were able to walk straight in to Clockjack Oven, a funky limited-menu restaurant specialising in rotisserie chicken, situated just off Piccadilly Circus. Given the quality of the food on offer (see below), we couldn’t work out why the restaurant was so empty, but thought it might be because it is so tucked away on dingy Denman Street, which plays home to just one other restaurant, a slightly dodgy looking massage parlour and a relatively unknown shoe store. With its minimalist décor, exposed brick walls, and a mixture of traditional tables with low chairs and high tables with benches and bar stools, Clockjack Oven oozes cool, but remains relaxed and inviting. From our table, we had a great view of the chickens turning in the rotisserie ovens – sitting on their perches, they almost looked like they wanted to wave “hello”, and with the flames licking at them from all sides they made quite an impressive sigh...
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  6. Published : Thursday, 26th September 2013

    Saying it straight :: Clockjack Oven. *Disappointed face.*

    You first notice the noise. Lots of it. Not from the music but from the shrieking of large groups of people made worse by the hard surfaces of the restaurant. An impression of unorchestrated chaos as you walk in. It looks like a fast food joint. Unfortunately it isn’t. Given that the main event here is the rotisserie chicken it would have been foolish to have ordered anything else, so we didn’t. We ordered sides of the house salad and chips. You get a choice of sauces and we ordered barbecue. Plus point: chilled tapwater brought to the table, without having to ask for it...
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  7. Published : Thursday, 26th September 2013

    The Food Judge :: Clockjack Oven. *Disappointed face.*

    I want chicken, that’s what I want. So said C. It’s a well-worn chant. He really likes chicken and can make a mean one himself. It’s one of his very limited repertoire. Small but perfectly formed. Ok then, why don’t we try Clockjack Oven, I said, I’ve heard good things about it. There’s a few foodbloggers who’ve given it the lurvve. So we walk from Mayfair and I realise I don’t actually have an appetite. Any regular reader of this blog will know that this HARDLY EVER HAPPENS but, even when utterly without appetite, faced with something delicious I will always find room for it...
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  8. Published : Sunday, 15th September 2013

    Food I Fancy :: Clockjack Oven – Rotisserie Chicken

    After the burger buzz of last year, chicken has been having its moment on the food scene, and as it lends itself well to a variety of cooking styles it’s easy to see why. Southern Fried was the thing earlier in the year, followed more recently by Korean fried chicken. Trying to get in on the poultry action is Clockjack Oven, with rotisserie chicken. Located off Piccadilly Circus, this compact, modern restaurant with factory style décor sits just on the edges of Soho. I went on my tod for lunch, which caters well for lone diners, couples and groups alike. There’s a mixture of high, low and bench style tables. I perched myself on the high table next to a fellow lone diner with the perfect view of the rotisserie chicken in front...
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  9. It’s such a simple concept, a restaurant that serves one key ingredient – chicken. I mean other than vegetarians, who doesn’t like chicken? The concept is grander than fast food – its chicken done with style – rotisserie style rather than deep-fried. All the chicken served at Clockjack Oven is free-range and comes in the choice of pieces, sandwiches or in salads. There is also a selection of starters and sides to liven up the menu. It’s a pleasant, friendly looking restaurant although space is a bit of a squeeze. There is a mixture of tables including bar stools by the bar, long tables for big groups and tables outside. The most interesting part of the décor is the rotisserie that sits behind the bar. It’s in plain view of all the diners and you get to watch the chickens cooking as you eat...
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  10. Published : Monday, 2nd September 2013

    Tiki Chris :: Coming Soon: The Clockjack Chicken Burger

    Sometime this week, Soho’s Clockjack Oven will launch the Clockjack Chicken Burger – a fried chicken thigh burger with a bit of a kick to it. Lucky clucker that I am, I had a chance to sample a prototype of the new burger last week. It was truly delicious and I reckon will prove to be a very popular addition to an already tasty menu. Priced at £8.95, the Clockjack Chicken Burger will consist of a super tender and succulent buttermilk-marinated fried chicken thigh topped with jalapeño peppers and tomato salsa and served in a sesame seed buttermilk bun...
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  11. I must say that I was not sure what to expect on my first visit to Clockjack Oven- it is a specialised informal restaurant serving “free-range rotisserie chicken” and chicken only, so I knew I was set up for a “hit or miss” night. The cheerful greeting by the staff and a first peek inside the restaurant- a tasteful mix of blond wood, stone and brick with the ovens at the centre, full of roasting birds – set things off on the right foot. However, as I learnt for myself at a disappointing meal at Tramshed, you still eat the chicken, not the artwork on display, the prowess of some interior designer nor the hotness of the staff. The equation is still pretty much “great chicken=great dinner: bad chicken=bad dinner” and the rest matters little, so I kept expectations low. Also, after the life-changing experience of the underground coconut grilled chicken we ate in Malaysia last year, my “good chicken” bar has been set quite high. In fact, at a quite unattainable place. But this side of Asia, I would happily set for anything better than Nando’s...
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  12. Published : Friday, 3rd May 2013

    laymytable :: Clockjack Oven

    Finally a place that just bloody gets it! I did a little research into chicken restaurants as I have a boyfriend who can’t get enough of the stuff and after pondering the thought of yet another Nandos, I wanted to push the boat out just a tad and find somewhere that really specialised in good quality, free range chicken...
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  13. Clockjack Oven brings a supremely simple and savoury dining option to Soho with its free range rotisserie chicken and yummy back-to-basics menu...
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  14. Clockjack Oven is located on Denman Street and is thus perfect for per theatre meals. The restaurant is small with modern grey decor. They have made their rotisserie a statement piece. Housed in a glass case behind the counter you can watch the chicken being engulfed in the blazing flames...
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  15. Chicken, chicken, chicken, it’s the staple for most meals, too often than not cooked until it’s as dry as a bone. Wine, being the only way to wash it down. Clockjack Oven in Soho is hoping to change all that, it wants to bring us free range chickens, sourced from small co-operatives in Brittany. Apart from the chickens being delicious it’s mainly all down to Clockjack Ovens secret marinade recipe...
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  16. Published : Tuesday, 19th March 2013

    Bears Bites :: Clockjack Oven

    There is a certain amount of hype going on at the moment about chicken! …Whether it be steamed, spit roasted or deep fried, it seems that a number of small places are trying out a whole range of different techniques. Yesterday I decided to make a lunchtime trip to Clockjack Oven on Denman Street in...
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  17. Published : Tuesday, 5th March 2013

    HungryCityHippy :: ClockJack Oven: The New Nandos

    Last week, I took a trip into Soho to try out a new ‘modern rotisserie restaurant’ on Denman Street; the rather oddly named Clockjack Oven. From the outside, Clockjack is unassuming and unremarkable, but I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. It simply makes the unexpected quality of the food served inside all the more rewarding...
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  18. Published : Thursday, 14th February 2013

    Gingle lists everything :: Clockjack Oven, 8th February

    As my friend and I remarked afterwards, one of the reasons we enjoyed Clockjack Oven so much is because, for us, chicken is much neglected in a meal out. Given the choice, I'm much more likely to order some lovely beef, or pork belly rather than the poor, plebeian chicken. But, being at a restaurant where there is no choice, we heartily enjoyed giving some attention to the oft-overlooked beast. Now, I know there are chicken-only places popping up all over the place, but apart from Orange Buffalo, which is by no means a restaurant, this is the first I've tried. It has piqued my interest to try some more.We arrived at 7 and to our delight were seated straight away. This being another no-bookings place (for groups of 5 and under) in Soho, I worried we would be too late to avoid a queue. There were plenty of empty seats but it transpired they were booked up for larger groups already. Barely 20 minutes later and we smugly watched the line at the door appear and grow as we nibbled at complementary vegetable crisps.Succumbing to a case of 'the polites' we didn't want to appear too greedy in front of each other and ended up under-ordering. Between the four of us we had 14 pieces of chicken, two portions of fries, some coleslaw and a salad, but we all agreed afterwards we could have easily eaten more.The chicken was juicy and succulent. I was completely enamoured by the sauces and had very few unsauced bites but I made sure to try the chicken on its own, and it held up. I could easily have eaten the bird without any sauce at all and been more than satisfied.The chicken in pieces is rotisserie chicken that has been marinated in Clockjack's special sauce which perhaps helps to gives it its juiciness - it doesn't really impart a great amount of flavour of itself but maybe brings out the chicken's own taste. A whole bird gets cut into 10 pieces to share, or you can order three or four pieces. We didn't get any of the chicken bites - their version of chicken nuggets but I definitely want to try it on my next visit.There are four sauces to choose from - ranch, BBQ, chili and caesar. I absolutely loved the ranch and chili sauces. My boyfriend said that it did just taste like the garlic sauce you get in a kebab shop, or the pots you get from Domino's but that is none the worse to me. It was thick and delicious. Likewise the chili sauce which was spicy but not overwhelming - you could easily dunk chips into it all night. The BBQ sauce was a little thin for me, as a dipping sauce, and I must admit I didn't even try the caesar dressing. Something fishy just doesn't appeal to me and my friends who did try it said it was really rather strong.The fries were great - not skinny shoestrings, not chunky chips but sort of KFC-size. Appropriate really. They were crunchy but had a good potato filling and seasoned well. The coleslaw was also a good version of it. The salad came with three balls of sage and onion stuffing which were a little dry but also tasted quite good. Weirdly it was the most expensive side at 4 quid compared to the fries at 3 pounds. No salad should be more expensive than the fries, even if it does have apple in it (which this did).As I've said, I haven't tried the other chicken places - Chicken Shop for instance, but I think this place is deserving of being a restaurant in its own right - it's not simply jumping on the bandwagon of doing a no-choice menu. Or maybe it is, but it's doing it so well and at such reasonable prices that I can only wish them well.
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  19. Published : Thursday, 7th February 2013

    The Celeriac :: Clockjack Oven, Soho

    Clockjack Oven is a recent, surprisingly good addition to the disgusting array of restaurants in the Piccadilly Circus vicinity. Neighbours include such atrocities as the Atrocious Aberdeen Angus Steak House and the Ridiculously Awful and Extraordinarily Expensive Rainforest Cafe. In blinding contract to the crimes against dinner these grim places vomit out of their kitchens, though, Clockjack oven’s offerings are tasty, reasonably cheap and served by human beings who don’t look at you like they want to stab your eyes out with a multicoloured bendy straw...
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  20. Published : Saturday, 26th January 2013

    Samphire and Salsify :: Clockjack Oven

    Clockjack Oven is a new rotisserie chicken restaurant tucked away behind the heart of tourist central, Piccadilly Circus. I love a bit of chicken so I got a group of friends together and went for dinner. The restaurant was fairly small but had a really buzzy atmosphere with a family friendly feel to it. Staff were very enthusiastic and amiable. Behind the bar, chickens with their legs splayed rotated vertically on the spit and filled the air with the glorious aroma of roast chicken. Yum...
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