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Square Meal Review of Yauatcha ?

“Knockout dim sum” and fabulous desserts are the calling cards of this sexy, glass-fronted teahouse, which cocks a Michelin-starred snook at Chinatown’s run-down yum cha joints by dishing out dumplings with a bit of luxury – and a smile. “Original and exciting” titbits such as spinach balls with prawn and cuttlefish, Wagyu beef puffs and fried squid with oatmeal and curry leaves are hot favourites, while slippery cheung fun, jasmine tea-smoked ribs and hand-pulled noodles have a “salivating” time-honoured appeal – along with bigger plates including steamed halibut with chilli and salted radish. The frenetic street-level canteen has an energy all its own, and there’s a “great buzz” in the basement where tropical fish, seductive lighting and flashes of electric blue create an underworld feel. Yauatcha has been going 10 years, and some say it’s “lost its lustre”, but we’d argue that its “epic” cocktails, giant rainbow macarons and fashion-conscious crowd are still right on the money.


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  1. Published : Wednesday, 13 February 2013

    FoodiesOnTheProwl FoodiesOnTheProwl :: Yauatcha, Feb 2013

    We’ve been to Yauatcha on numerous occasions and always left very satisfied customers. We particularly like to go for Sunday lunch when there is a more mellow vibe and there tend to be less flashy uber-hipsters hanging around the bar. However, we’ve not paid Yauatcha a visit since super restaurant-operator Alan Yau parted ways with one of his crown jewels (he’s the Yau in Yauatcha)...
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  1. Published : Wednesday, 9 July 2014

    WordOfMouthLDN :: Dim Sum and Then Some..

    To conclude our day of natural hair antics at ‘Women in The Jungle’, we made our way into Soho to a recommended Oriental Restaurant- Yauatcha.

    Yauatcha, is a contemporary dim sum teahouse located in the heart of London.

    If you have read our other posts, you know how we feel about customer service, particularly being greeted upon arrival. So to our delight we were greeted at the door and given the option of where we would like to dine, upstairs/downstairs? Opting to sit downstairs, we were escorted into an intimate oriental underground dining space; a low lit, hideaway from the hustling streets of...
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  1. Published : Monday, 8 October 2012

    samphire and salsify :: Yauatcha

    I was a little apprehensive about our visit to Yauatcha for two reasons. Firstly, because whenever we go somewhere serving Chinese food my gentleman companion seems to order everything on the menu irrespective of price or stomach size. The second being that Yauatcha is owned by the same people who own Hakkasan Mayfair which we found so disappointing; it was expensive and totally style of substance. I feared this would be the case at Yauatcha...
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  1. I’ve been to Yauatcha, on numerous occasions, to purchase cakes to takeaway. However I never sat inside to dine, one cold dreary evening, I found comfort at Yauatcha and ogled over the cakes. Each item itself looked like it was spun into a masterpiece. I won’t lie it took me a good 10-15 mins to decide what I wanted, too many choices.

    As we weren’t there for dining, my friend and I were placed at the bar, the chairs looked like olden day washing baths and the seating was towering over a petite person like me. Before seating I already knew what cake I wanted, Pumpkin gingerbread. As for drinks Kumquat and...
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  1. Published : Saturday, 6 April 2013

    Mitziesbubble :: Yauatcha: a dim (sum) affair

    Ive spent nearly seven years making it my mission to eat out in London, and in all that time I’ve had Yauatcha on my wish list. So why have I waited this long? A crop of seriously bad reviews all focusing on one unforgivable flaw; service, or lack thereof. If you’ve read my previous rant, you’ll know that this one annoyance is enough to send me running for the hills...
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  1. Published : Sunday, 15 June 2014

    inher30s :: Yauatcha

    A Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant seems a bit off-kilter to me, not because I doubt the quality of the food but because I associate Michelin stars with poncy French restaurants, waiters with indecipherable accents all with a background of pindrop silence.

    But that’s where Yauatcha comes in – it’s retained it’s 1 Michelin star status for 8 years, a worthy achievement in London’s ever changing restaurant scene!...
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  1. I love the stars in Yauatcha and by this I don't just mean the gorgeous star-like fixtures in the basement restaurant, but the stars on the menu as well. The restaurant is still quite dependable for dim sum after all; no wonder they've retained their Michelin star all these years. They do have big plates and actual dishes too, but I really prefer their dim sum offering and patisserie treats...
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  1. Published : Thursday, 28 November 2013

    wetrykai :: Yauatcha -€“ Chinese worthy of the accolades

    To get us in the festive mood, T and I decided to go large with Yauatcha – if we’re going for Chinese, then let’s go for CHINESE (well, it’s not Michelin starred for being average!).

    Located in the depths of trendy Soho since it’s opening in 2004, Yauatcha is designed to retain the feel of a traditional Chinese teahouse which has undergone a big modern face lift. Their specialty is modern authentic dim sum (as the three pages of choice would suggest – they have 5 types of shiu mai! I have only every known one!) but they also offer a full al carte menu of plated dishes and treats from its patisserie counter....
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  1. Published : Monday, 8 April 2013

    Sybaricious :: Yauatcha, a Dim Sum Dream

    I love dim sum. Juggling slippery har gau with chopsticks, peeling opening bright white springy char sui bao buns to reveal the sticky pork inside, its the stuff dreams are made of. In short I absolutely adore it but being as most Chinese restaurants only serve it during the day when I'm usually squirrelled away in an office somewhere overlooking the M4 I don't often get to eat it. Not many places of any note serve the decent stuff in the evening and last year's debacle that was Ping Pong has made me very wary indeed.  That said J&D were visiting from Liverpool with a craving for dim sum which had to be sated. Cue...
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  1. Published : Sunday, 23 June 2013

    Drifting Epicure :: Yauatcha

    Yauatcha, founded by Alan Yau in 2004, is a well established dim sum restaurant in London. It is part of Hakkasan group which was acquired by Abu Dhabi investment company Tasameem in 2008. The group almost holds a monopoly of Michelin stars for Chinese restaurants in the city (Yauatcha, Hakkasan Hanway Place and Hakkasan Mayfair) with the exception of Kai. Yauatcha is different from many restaurants in Chinatown in that it offers dim-sum in the evening as well (dim-sum is traditionally eaten in the morning/early afternoon in Hong Kong) which is quite nice...
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  1. Published : Wednesday, 8 February 2012

    Rate My Bistro :: Yauatcha – Soho

    For Chinese New Year this year, we were lucky to have our family member from overseas in town for it! To make it an extra special celebration, we went to Alan Yau’s Michelin-starred Yauatcha restaurant in Soho. This finally fulfilled yet another one of my dreams and that was to go and dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant!

    Yauatcha has a blue theme with a wonderful fish tank along one wall of the restaurant. Just inside the entrance is the counter fridge displaying the many eye catching desserts. The soft lighting sets the mood of the restaurant. There is some cushioned seating and also some round white...
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  1. Published : Friday, 1 February 2013

    Saying it straight :: Yauatcha.

    The restaurant is set out on two floors. The top floor, where we sat, is a very modern minimalist space, with clean lines and good lighting and tables not too close to each other. The only problem with the tables however is that they are just too small. And not only the tables. The chairs are not proper size – they seemed halfway between grown-up chairs and something you might find in a traditional Japanese restaurant, but not quite. I’m practically a midget and found the chairs uncomfortable and they would not be particularly kind to a larger posterior – not that I have one of course.

    I made C choose steered...
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  1. Published : Thursday, 3 October 2013

    Nomface :: Yauatcha, London

    A long anticipated visit to 1 Michelin starred Yauatcha in Soho London was finally fulfilled last month. We were all looking forward to sample the dim sum dishes, desserts and drinks that we had seen plenty of pictures online. As a party of 3 that evening, we ordered a selection of cocktails and mocktails...
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  1. Published : Monday, 3 June 2013

    vialaporte :: Yauatcha* // Soho // London

    Looking for a nightclub with Ping-Pong level food? Go to Yauatcha. With trendy waiters, Tiesto/Guetta music blaring in the background and Wagamama-style communal tables, the atmosphere at Alan Yau’s Michelin starred restaurant is...
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  1. Published : Thursday, 19 December 2013

    FoodiesOnTheProwl FoodiesOnTheProwl :: Yauatcha, Dec 2013

    Alan Yau’s brainchild is in good hands with the Hakkasan group. I’d consider Yauatcha with HKK and Hutong to be the tastiest Chinese (fine) dining restaurants at the moment (granted, I’ve not made my way yet to Pearl Liang). It is one of my favourite places for a deluxe and relaxed Sunday lunch, which tend to last for hours. From the fried chilli squid to the venison puff to the crispy duck salad and crispy prawn and bean cheung fun…what’s not to like?!...
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  1. A friend took me to the Michelin-starred Yauatcha a couple of years ago, a visit I remember fondly (as you can see from my choice of profile picture on the right, recreated below). I recently found out that they do ‘A Taste of Yauatcha’ from Mondays to Thursdays, 2-6pm – a mere £28.88 for two people. I promised myself I would go soon, but then I realised that I have a full-time job, which in this case is a huge disadvantage. Until I discovered bank holidays…

    I booked a table for the second May bank holiday, as my boyfriend also happened to be visiting. I counted down the days and even started following Yauatcha...
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  1. Time flies when you’re having dim sum. Being drip-fed dumplings somehow quickens the clock.
    Underneath Broadwick Street in Yauatcha’s basement dining room, steady time evaporates. Down there it’s perpetual night. The pitch-dark ceiling with its constellation of tiny spotlights purges the room of daylight. Cerulean glass, gloomy brickwork and obsidian floors interrupt quotidian reality: you can eat dim sum from midday to midnight, completely ignorant to the passage of time; unless you have a film to catch, which I did...
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  1. Eagar to experience a different style of Michelin star dining from what we are used to, we decided to book up at Yauatcha and try some of the finest dim sum London has to offer.

    Part of the famous Hakkasan empire, Yauatcha has forged a strong identity for itself since opening in 2004. A year later the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star, which it has retained each year since. The restaurant is famous for its modern refined Chinese cooking, with many small plates, along with main courses to choose from. There is also a dessert bar upstairs which is colourfully arrayed with desserts and macaroons for sitting...
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  1. Dim sum is one of those foods you grow up with if you’re chinese. It seems to be the default choice for lunch gatherings. As a family, we don’t have a staple go-to restaurant for dim sum and are generally willing to try anything once, alternating between various restaurants in Chinatown and Bayswater and those closer to home.

    The choice this time was Yauatcha, a Michelin starred dim sum restaurant on Broadwick Street. The restaurant itself is very modern and slick, with blue and black hues throughout. We ordered our tea and selected a couple of dim sum dishes; some standard staples, others with a modern twist....
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  1. It is hard to associate fine dining with Chinese food especially in London, it is immediately linked to greasy takeaway food. Chinese fine dining in China is like French fine dining in France, it is a finesse show but once it is moved abroad the performance is just not the same. Located on Broadwick Street in Soho, sit a one Michelin star "contemporary Chinese dim sum tea house" Yauatcha.

    For a Chinese restaurant, the décor is very contemporary and sleek with a touch of Chinese origins. We were led down to the basement which is much darker and louder, a bit of nightclub vibe to it. If you're not here to eat,...
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  1. It is hard to associate fine dining with Chinese food especially in London, it is immediately linked to greasy takeaway food. Chinese fine dining in China is like French fine dining in France, it is a finesse show but once it is moved abroad the performance is just not the same. Located on Broadwick Street in Soho, sit a one Michelin star "contemporary Chinese dim sum tea house" Yauatcha.

    For a Chinese restaurant, the décor is very contemporary and sleek with a touch of Chinese origins. We were led down to the basement which is much darker and louder, a bit of nightclub vibe to it. If you're not here to eat,...
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Private Dining at Yauatcha

Soho is famed for its diverse and colourful personality and has always been recognised as one of London’s most popular destinations with some of the city’s best restaurants and bars on offer.

Yauatcha’s bar, on the ground floor, allows diners to enjoy cocktails along with ‘small eats’ at any time of the day. Our internationally acclaimed mixologists not only execute the classics with flair but are constantly evolving new techniques and unprecedented cocktail design and flavour combinations.   Ingredients include fresh fruit juices, Chinese and Indian tea, fine sake, premium spirits and Champagne. Signature cocktails include the Lalu, a combination of vodka, lime, lemongrass, oolong tea and lychee juice; the Kumquatcha mixing up cachaça, Campari, kumquats, lime and mandarin juice and the Kura Mi Ami martini made with gin, vodka, sake and plum wine.

The palette of design materials used throughout the space informs a modern interpretation of the old Chinese teahouse.  Famed interior designer Christian Liaigre, has generated an emotional architecture creating the feeling of a traditional tea house yet with a modern twist.  The bar concept and fittings are by Marion Guidoni, who has created a moody and striking space encircled by illuminated blue glass.  The striking bar furniture is by Ben Dawson and includes low pastel leather sofa seating and a high marble bar with striking wooden cut out bar stools. 

Yauatcha’s bar is available for semi private hire for smaller groups or for exclusive hire for a maximum of 40 people.

Please contact Tobias Gibreel on or 020 7494 8888.


Private Room Capacity
The Yauatcha Bar 40

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