23 July 2014

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Wine - Other


What to drink now - Wine - Other What to drink now

As the nights start to draw in, match some autumnal fare with spicy South African reds, classic claret, or a nutty glass of tawny port.

What to Drink Now - Wine - Other What to Drink Now

Why not try some fresh and lively summer wines this weekend? Don't stop at chilled whites – try an exuberant Beaujolais or a tangy, dry sherry. Here's Square Meal's pick of the bunch.

Make mine a Pinot Grigio - Wine - Other Make mine a Pinot Grigio

Although a big seller, Pinot Grigio is often dismissed as boring and lacking in flavour. But in the right hands it can be a weighty, food-friendly wine of immense character.

What to drink this spring - Wine - Other What to drink this spring

As spring starts to make its presence felt, why not try some French and Spanish white wines to suit the warmer days, or look to Italy and Argentina for reds that will also hit the mark?

London’s new-wave wine bars - Wine - Other London’s new-wave wine bars

There’s a revolution under way on the London wine scene, with a host of cool venues offering artisanal bottles full of new tastes and flavours. Square Meal meets the movers and shakers.

Taste the Difference - Wine - Other Taste the Difference

Chocolate or cheese with a glass of port is a delicious indulgence to enjoy at home. We try simple and hedonistic matches with the Taylor’s range to wonderful effect.

Make the most of your sommelier - Wine - Other Make the most of your sommelier

Contrary to the opinion of some diners, the sommelier’s main aim is not to belittle customers, but to serve us with a wine we like at a price we want to pay. Andrew Catchpole finds out how we can help them to help us.

Enjoy Ara Wines in London bars - Wine - Other Enjoy Ara Wines in London bars

Get to know the range of Ara Wines from Marlborough in New Zealand, with an exciting promotion in venues across the capital.

What to Drink Now: summer 2012 - Wine - Other What to Drink Now: summer 2012

As the days get warmer it’s time to try some crisp, food-friendly whites, as well as lighter reds that are perfect for summer drinking, says Simon Woods.

Good times: the end of bad vintages - Wine - Other Good times: the end of bad vintages

Once upon a time – and we’re going back 20-odd years – there used to be things called bad vintages. The summer would be cold and wet, or perhaps there’d be torrential rain from one end of harvest to the other, and the grapes would come in slimy with rot; but somehow – for reasons that shall be explained – that doesn’t happen anymore. Today’s wine drinkers have grown up in a world where one good vintage follows another, and the only question is one of style: the structure of one year, or the juicy fruit of another.

Eau so special: matching food with water - Wine - Other Eau so special: matching food with water

Matching wine and food with water? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Chris Mercer talks to the new generation of experts who believe it’s all down to the terroir.

Yalumba: when quality counts - Wine - Other Yalumba: when quality counts

Yalumba is Australia’s oldest family-owned winery and that heritage shows itself in an outstanding range of white and red wines.

Living the dream - Wine - Other Living the dream

When conditions get too tough in Britain, with rainy days, dark nights, transport woes and constant stress, many fantasise about opting out of the rat race, buying a vineyard and making their own wine. But what does it take to succeed in this dream? Meet some Brits who have made the grade.

Moët sparkles with Scarlett - Champagne - Champagne & food pairing Moët sparkles with Scarlett

On Monday 5 September in Shanghai, Moët & Chandon laid on a special party that buried, at least for 24 hours, all notions of global recession and financial rectitude. Square Meal was there in the company of CEO Daniel Lalonde and Moët muse, Scarlett Johansson – our cover star for the autumn issue of Square Meal Lifestyle.

On the list: the secret to a good wine list - Louis Roederer News On the list: the secret to a good wine list

Interesting wine choices help to make a meal more exciting and the perfect wine match can be a real joy. Chris Losh considers what it takes to make a winning wine list.

Wine auctions at L'Etranger - Wine - Other Wine auctions at L'Etranger

Kensington’s L’Etranger is launching a monthly wine auction. Bid for more than 100 lots, including Champagne and red, white and sweet wines, available to purchase by the bottle or the case.

Louis Roederer Wine List of the Year 2010 - Louis Roederer News Louis Roederer Wine List of the Year 2010

This autumn, Square Meal’s sister publication Imbibe joined forces with one of the most prestigious Champagne houses to launch the Louis Roederer Wine List of the Year competition. After receiving entries from all over the country, from pubs to Michelin-starred eateries, the judges finally chose winners in the six categories, handing out the coveted awards to the likes of HK House Oriental Restaurant in Gloucestershire and the Cherwell Boat House in Oxford. MORE

Independents’  Day  - Independent Wine Merchants - Wine - Other Independents’ Day - Independent Wine Merchants

No matter where you live in London you’ll find an independent wine merchant nearby that can offer so much more than big-name brands and wall-to-wall deals. Andrew Catchpole assesses their true value

Less is More - Small Wine Measures - Wine - Other Less is More - Small Wine Measures

Choosing wine in restaurants has taken on a whole new dimension, thanks to the growing trend for smaller measures, says Fiona Sims

Brave New World - Wine - Other Brave New World

Brits can’t get enough of New Zealand’s fruity Sauvignons and savoury reds, but what else does the country have to offer? Tom Cannavan journeys to the land of the long white cloud to find out.

Bargain Hunting - Wine - Other Bargain Hunting

An over-inflated investment market has put many of the top echelon of fine wines beyond the reach of the average wine lover. Don’t despair, says Andrew Catchpole, there are many excellent alternatives to the big names that stand up to cellaring and are great, affordable drinking to boot

Sipping for England - UK Vineyards - Wine - Other Sipping for England - UK Vineyards

Visiting a vineyard isn’t just something to do when you fly off on a foreign holiday. A growing number of English winemakers are welcoming visitors through their gates – and some of them can be reached on a day-trip from London. Susanna Forbes reports

Grapevine - what’s happening in the world of wine - Wine - Other Grapevine - what’s happening in the world of wine

Your guide to what’s happening in the world of wine. Edited by Julie Sheppard

Insiders guide to... wine appearance - Wine - Other Insiders guide to... wine appearance

All of your senses play a part in assessing a wine, beginning with sight. The intensity of colour will tell you how old a wine is. Red wines are deeper in colour when they are young, and have a dark red/purple appearance. They become paler as they get older, taking on a brick red/brown colour. White wines often have a green tint when they are young and become more golden yellow with age.

Exploring Portugal Wines - Wine - Other Exploring Portugal Wines

With its wealth of native grapes and long-standing traditional values, Portugal can be a difficult country to understand when it comes to wine. Now, as a new generation of winemakers start to modernise the industry, Charles Metcalfe guides you through the regions

Swiss Bliss - Wine - Other Swiss Bliss

Travel around Switzerland and you’ll find a surprisingly wide range of gastronomic delights. Square Meal takes a gourmet tour

Red Hot - Portuguese Wines - Wine - Other Red Hot - Portuguese Wines

With a host of excellent native grape varieties, Portugal produces some red wines well worth seeking out. Charles Metcalfe points you in the right direction

Hidden Charm - Mercedes Wine Tour - Germany

Neville Walker takes the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz R-Class luxury tourer for a journey through the Pfalz, Rheinhessen and Baden to rediscover these classic German wine regions