30 July 2014

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Wine - Interviews


Heston Blumenthal - Uncorked - Wine - Interviews Heston Blumenthal - Uncorked

The three Michelin-starred chef serves Valpolicella with his salmon and liquorice dish at The Fat Duck, drinks sherry on his nights off and has a special fondness for the Languedoc – but you won’t find Sauvignon Blanc in his fridge. Find out more about Heston Blumenthal’s vinous likes and dislikes. Interviewed for Square Meal by Fiona Sims.

Alexander Armstrong Uncorked - Wine - Interviews Alexander Armstrong Uncorked

Comedy actor Alexander Armstrong, of the much-lauded Armstrong & Miller, will be on our screens again this summer starring in a new BBC comedy drama called Mutual Friends. He shares his top tip for hangovers and why he doesn’t ‘get’ Burgundy with Fiona Sims