20 August 2014

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Wine - France


Languedoc: Land of Plenty - Wine - France Languedoc: Land of Plenty

Scenic backdrops and historical landmarks abound in south-west France, and the wine has never been better. Patricia Langton pays a visit to Languedoc-Roussillon and explains why it’s a happy blend of old and new.

The Beaune collector - Wine - France The Beaune collector

Complicated it might be, but there are treasures in Burgundy if you know where to look. Navigating his way through whirlpool prices and puzzled natives in search of vinous gold, Hamish Anderson finds that the region is shining brighter than ever before

Bordeaux For Beginners - Wine - France Bordeaux For Beginners

Bordeaux is an iconic wine region that can be baffling for novices. Margaret Rand explains the grapes, châteaux and classifications that lie at its heart

Chablis - Wine - France Chablis

When we want serious Chardonnay, all too often we overlook the northern French region of Chablis. But it’s time to revisit the sensational wines produced here, says Hamish Anderson

French lessons - three regions in a nutshell - Wine - France French lessons - three regions in a nutshell

France produces an enormous range of classic wines, but Hamish Anderson singles out three regions that are currently producing some of the best bottles