20 August 2014

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Square Meal Selections

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Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits


Power of Positive Drinking - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Power of Positive Drinking

Last month, Square Meal paired up with the fabulous Cleo Rocos to banish the winter blues. We challenged Square Meal readers to show us how they were getting out and about, bringing a splash of summer fun to the cold, dark winter evenings.

A taste of Prohibition  - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits A taste of Prohibition

Bootlegger is a premium wine-grain spirit inspired by the Prohibition-style raw liquor that was served in speakeasies. Try your hand at a recipe or visit cool London bars for a taste.

All you need to know about mezcal - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits All you need to know about mezcal

Forget the worm – the growing popularity of Mexican spirit mezcal is all about quality and flavour, writes Laura Foster.

Spritz your way through summer - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Spritz your way through summer

Stay cool in the city this summer with the stylish Martini Spritz.

Taste the difference - Cocktails at the Connaught - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Taste the difference - Cocktails at the Connaught

The Connaught’s two top-end cocktail bars are stars in their ownright, but as different as Buck’s fizz and bloody Mary – with two fiercely individual bartenders to match. Richard Woodard meets the contenders and reports on their rivalry

Easy does it - simple cocktails - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Easy does it - simple cocktails

Making cocktails doesn’t have to be hard work. Alice Lascelles shows you how, with just a handful of good ingredients and a few bits of kit, you can mix like a professional

Flavour File: White Spirits - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Flavour File: White Spirits

Taking inspiration from flowers, fruit, vegetables and a host of natural ingredients, spirits makers are getting creative. Alice Lascelles reports

Movers & Shakers - London's Best Bartenders - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Movers & Shakers - London's Best Bartenders

The last hundred years have seen London become the cocktail capital of the world. But who are the key people who shaped it? And which bartenders are the ones to watch for the future? Alice Lascelles picks out some of the best

Make It a Date - Seasonal Drinking in London - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Make It a Date - Seasonal Drinking in London

With so many possibilities to choose from, Keith Barker-Main suggests planning your 2010 drinking diary around a selection of London watering holes guaranteed to provide a cup of cheer whatever the season

Cocktails at the Coburg - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Cocktails at the Coburg

The team at The Connaught hotel's swanky Coburg Bar know a thing or two about cocktails. Now, talented bar manager Mark Jenner and his team have come up with a range of delicious Cognac cocktails specifically designed to be recreated at home. From 13-27 July, Jenner and his team will be on hand to demonstrate how these cocktails are made, and to share some useful tips on how to mix them yourself. But if you can't get there during that time, don't worry, you can read on for all the recipes in full.

Perfect Partner - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Perfect Partner

Cognac has played an illustrious role in cocktail history. Alice Lascelles heads to The Coburg at The Connaught to discover some great recipes

Vintage and early-landed Cognac - Spirit & Cocktails - Other Spirits Vintage and early-landed Cognac

Cognac connoisseurs are tuning in to the new trend for vintage Cognac. Mark de Wesselow meets Bernard Hine for an introduction to the style