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Dan Rookwood, style director of Men’s Health, picks 25 gifts to give your groom for less than £150.

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1 Kindle Fire, £129, He thinks he still prefers to read actual books. But that’s only because he hasn’t tried the Kindle Fire. Pre-load it with Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy. And the Breaking Bad boxset so he doesn’t get bored poolside.

2 Toothbrush, Paul Smith, £8, We’ve all suffered that fist-eating embarrassment when the electric toothbrush starts going off in our luggage. It’s not what they’re thinking, but there is such a thing as protesting too much. When travelling, go analogue.

3 Tie, Polo by Ralph Lauren, £85, When you throw away that awful iridescent tie that was only cool for about five minutes back in 2005, replace it with this more refined version.

4 Lomography camera, Holga 120 Red, £69, Remember the days of getting camera film developed with those passive aggressive Boots stickers highlighting your ineptitude? Lomo cameras take deliberately experimental pictures for an inventive memento of your honeymoon.

5 Damn Good Advice, £4.46, A classic book of well-observed one-liners to live by from George Lois, considered to be the original Mad Man.

6 Fountain pen, Parker Ingenuity Black, £125, Because writing on that nice new stationery with a crappy old biro would rather spoil the effect.

7 Grooming voucher, Geo F Trumper, £38 per person, Send him and his best man off for the Rolls Royce of cut-throat shaves at the UK’s most famous traditional barber.

8 Match stick cufflinks, Paul Smith, £89, Paul Smith does the best cufflinks hands down. How about these, because you are the perfect match?

9 Tie bar, Deakin & Francis, £129, A classy finishing touch for the big day, especially if you have it engraved with the date. Just remind him that the tie bar is supposed to attach the tie to the placket of the shirt to keep it in place. Around about nipple height.

10 Leather bracelet, Tateossian, £109, He might not be the jewellery type, but a woven leather bracelet is just manly enough. Plus unlike most ‘friendship’ bands, this bracelet has a hook so it’s easy to take off if need be.

11 Mondaine Evo watch, £139, Mondaine’s watch face is an iconic design that will never go out of style, it’s Swissmade so has the respect of watch aficionados (read: snobs), and it’s thin enough to be worn comfortably with cufflinks.

12 Personalised Scrabble art, £69, Inexpensive yet cool-looking personalised art in a frame.

13 Hipflask, Edwin Blyde & Co, £50, He’ll take it with him when he goes to the match with the boys for a warming tot at half-time.

14 Coffee table book, The Golden Age of DC Comics, £34.99, Taschen have the best selection of coffee table books of photography and whatnot. Any man would love this tribute to DC comics.

15 Beach shorts, ‘Bulldog’ shorts, Orlebar Brown, £130, Orlebar Brown have displaced Villebrequin as the coolest swim shorts (rather a lot of) money can buy. Perfect for showcasing that honeymoon bod he’s been sculpting for you. (He has, right?)

16 Fragrance, Aqua di Parma, £50 for 50ml, Every man needs a signature scent. And it doesn’t matter how funny the ads are, it must not be Old Spice. This classic has stayed the test of time.

17 Shaving stand, EShave gunmetal t bar, £87, Because a silver razor and proper badger hair foam brush on a stand looks so much slicker in your bathroom that a plastic Bic razor and a can of Lynx shaving gel.

18 Cross-Terrain ‘Dry Run’ foot cream, Kiehl’s, £16, & 23 Facial Fuel Age Combat, Kiehl’s, £17, Once he appreciates how amazing Kiehl’s products are for himself, he’s more likely to buy them for you in future.

19 Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, £125, Think of the honeymoon photographs. Any man looks instantly cooler in a pair of timeless Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

20 Passport holder, Mulberry, £125, It’s a fact that upgrades are only given to people who look like they belong so they don’t upset customers who’ve paid full fare. Instantly upgrade your ticket with this passport holder.

21 Personalised stationery,  The Letter Press of Cirencester, from £72 for 200 cards, To add a personal touch of élan to the thank you letters you’ll have to write when you get back from the honeymoon.

22 Leather travel card holder, Mulberry, £80, For his business cards. Or maybe just for an upgrade on his Oyster wallet.

24 Bespoke Champagne labels, Tailored Chocolates and Gifts, £5.95, To be drunk on your first wedding anniversary, while flicking through your wedding album.

25 Cashmere football scarf, £64.95, He loves football, you hate that tatty nylon scarf he wears when his team plays. Here’s an upgrade from a company that might want to think their pun-based brand name in light of recent events.

This article was first published in Square Meal Weddings magazine, 2013.

Dan Rookwood, style director of Men’s Health, picks 25 gifts to give your groom for less than £150.

Grooms gifts

Dan Rookwood, style director of Men’s Health, picks 25 gifts to give your groom for less than £150.