Fat as a pancake

Shutterbug The Destination - Shutterbug1.jpgIf there is one day in the calendar that strikes joy into the hearts of gluttons (apart from Christmas, of course), it's Pancake Day. Watching those circles of batter take on solid form and turning golden before covering them in sugar and lemon juice elicits a childish buzz of anticipation even into middle age.

It is with excitement, therefore, that we anticipate the opening of Shutterbug, an 'experimental crêperie-cum-cocktail-speakeasy' in Shoreditch (yes, they adopted that hideously overused word 'speakeasy', but we'll overlook it just this once).

To celebrate Shutterbug’s launch, the eatery will be hosting a pancake Mardi Gras party, with DJs, dancing and pancake races.

The star of the evening will be the menu, however, which includes savoury buckwheat crêpes boasting such fillings as goats’ cheese, spinach, walnuts and fig relish, and sweet crêpes, including the decadent-sounding red-velvet crêpe with mascarpone and strawberries (pictured).

The man behind the menu is Romain Ragouin, who worked in a Paris crêperie for 15 years before relocating to London. So work up an appetite and shuffle down to Shutterbug to get battered.

Shutterbug's Pancake Mardi Gras party takes place on 12 February. For more information, head to the crêperie's website.

This story was published in February 2013.