24 July 2014

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News Feeds


News Feeds (also known as RSS or Atom feeds) contain article headlines, links and descriptions and are updated as the website is updated.

You can view the content of news feeds using specialist news readers – either on your desktop or via the web – which allow feeds to be viewed from multiple sources.

How can I use Square Meal's News feeds?

  1. Sign-up to a web-based news reader such as Google Reader, NewsGator, Bloglines or other. Web-based news readers let you catch up with your RSS/Atom feed subscriptions from any computer.

    Alternatively use built-in feed reader of your web browser (such as Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox) or download one of the free news reader applications: FeedDeamon or NewzCrawler. News reader applications run on your PC or Mac as stand-alone software.

  2. Click on the Squaremeal.co.uk news feed of your choice (have a look below to see the list of all our newsfeeds).

Square Meal feeds

Here you can see all the news feeds available from Square Meal. Just click on the feeds that interest you and your newsreader should pick it up automatically.

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