21 August 2014

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What's Cooking - Bubble Food


Bring a little bit of elBulli to your event with the new molecular party menus from Bubble Food

Bubble Food - Fizzy strawberry coulis with pipet of mint BUBBLE_FOOD_Fizzy_Strawberry_coulis_with_pipet_of_mint.jpgThere was a time – and not so long ago, too – when all it took to impress your guests was a particularly outré vol-au-vent filling. Today, things are a little trickier. So when news of the new molecular canapé menu by Bubble Food (tel: 020 7703 2653) reached us, we were on the phone with an invite to V&E Towers in minutes.
Head chef Alejandro Diaz (originally from Venezuela) is the brains behind the elBulli-inspired menu, which has been showcased at a recent Science Museum event, named ‘The Experiment’. His out-there canapé creations include nitrogen-poached matcha tea and grapefruit mousse, steamed brioche with pistachio and mozzarella spheres, mango discs with goats’ cheese, red onion and micro rocket and even deconstructed spherical olives (which burst in the mouth with an olivey intensity that’s ratcheted up to 11).
Obviously, recipes that begin ‘first jellyficate an olive….’ aren’t going to be suitable for huge groups – about 150 guests is the maximum party size Alejandro would be happy to cater for. His goats’ cheese soufflé with spherified beetroot, olive-oil ‘caviar’ and almond crumble (which looks like a pudding rather than a savoury) has a shelf life of about four minutes before the constituent ingredients start to fall apart. This means extra hands are required both to prepare and serve molecular menus: about three times as many kitchen staff and twice the usual numbers of serving staff, with a predictable impact on expense.
As well as canapés and bowl food, Bubble can bring its molecular expertise to formal fine dining. But to be frank, the V&E team are more excited by Alejandro’s cocktail recipes. His just-perfected molecular Pimm’s, with spheres of cucumber and strawberry, would go down a treat, especially when paired with his nasally ingested ‘asparagus cocaine’ – served on mirrors, with branded credit cards for cutting.

This article was first published in Square Meal Venues & Events, summer 2011

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