21 August 2014

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Venue Vendor: Edgar King


Meet Edgar King, events manager at Trinity House

Trinity House, tel: 020 7481 6927, Tower Hill, LondonEC3N 4DH
Venue Vendor- Edgar King - MG_4259_-_SHADOW_FIX.jpg
I’ve been working at Trinity House for 18 years and three months.  
My first job was as a waiter in a hotel in Northamptonshire.  
I’ve been in the events industry since 1968. I got into catering so I could travel and see the world. In the winter, I would work up in the mountain hotels in Norway. In the summer, I would be down in the fjords and then go grape picking in France in the autumn. I later got a job on a round-the-world cruise ship.  
I’ll always remember standing with Peter Scott in Sir Robert Falcon Scott’s (his father) hut in the Antarctic. I spent two years on a 110-passenger cruise ship in that part of the world. It was a unique boat, able to do these sorts of things.  
What I’ve learnt is that the customer always comes first. Also, two things are certain in life: you never know who your next customer’s going to be and you never know who your next employer’s going to be, so be nice!  
What people comment on here at Trinity House is probably the view of The Tower of London and also the intimacy of the building. It’s quite an inspirational venue, you don’t need to add to it.
Not a lot of people know that Trinity House is the home of the General Lighthouse Authority for England, which also operates as a charitable organisation dedicated to the safety, welfare and training of mariners. The money that clients put in goes back into the building and to our benificiary.  
This year the organisation will be preparing for its 500th anniversary in 2014. We’ll be having a banquet at Guildhall for 700 people. But the key day is 20 May 2014, when quite a few events will be happening at Trinity House. We’ll be spending around £20m supporting our various charities, on top of what we already give them.  
The most memorable event I’ve done is probably Prince Phillip’s 90th birthday. It was a dinner for 110 people in The Library. The Queen was here, the Princess Royal (the master to be) and Prince Phillip. It was a pretty spectacular evening. That’s only the third time the Queen has attended the venue.
This article was first printed in Square Meal Venues & Events, spring 2013.

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