23 August 2014

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TV Moment at Chartered Accountants' Hall


Chartered Accountants' Hall Exterior LR - Chartered_Accountants'_Hall_Exterior_LR.jpgMuch as we might deny it, we’re all nosy parkers at heart and love having a good old snoop around other peoples’ homes. Channel Five tapped into our inquisitive natures with their recent series Behind Closed Doors, which delved behind the doors of buildings normally closed to public view.

Episode Three aired on the 10 September and focused on London’s financial community, featuring the likes of the Bank of England, Lloyd’s of London and Chartered Accountants’ Hall. It was presented by Five’s ‘face’ of property and architecture, Charlie Luxton, who, as functions & meetings manager Ed Bolling reports, was a thoroughly decent chap ‘and loved the building, particularly The Members’ Room with its imitation Rialto Bridge and processional lanterns.’ Not quite as much, perhaps, as the ladies who work in the CAH loved the fact that Luxton spent two days filming there…

This article first appeared in Square Meal Venues & Events magazine, Autumn 2008.

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