28 July 2014

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Tried & Tested: fast track


More accustomed to sitting in London traffic than putting foot to floor on the hairpins in Monte Carlo, we arrive at Let’s Race keen to experience what it might be like to drive a finely tuned racing car 

Words: Russell Cook Photos: Sam Walton


Let’s be honest. On paper, Let’s Race sounds like a glorified arcade game. But, strapped into racing seats, our feet higher than our bodies – just like in a real Formula 1 car – and with the voice of F1 commentator Martin Brundle still ringing in our ears after the briefing video, we begin to understand why a certain Mr Hamilton has been spotted honing his handling skills here. In front of us are wraparound screens with highly detailed racetracks. Then there’s that noise. We haven’t been on a starting grid before, but this definitely focuses the mind.


 We’re off. The racing seats tilt and vibrate, making the ride acutely realistic. Physically, you’re tested right from the green light – the 1.5g force is certainly a workout for the upper body and we found the necessary split-second decision-making as exhilarating as it was intense. It’s so overwhelming that one of the team drives head-on into a wall on the first lap. Always room for improvement, eh? 

Let’s Race offers full- and half-day packages, with prices from £3,000 for a half-day (up to 40 guests), to a full day from £5,000, for up to 80.


Let’s Race, nr Gatwick, Surrey, RH6 7HJ, tel: 01293 826800

This article was first printed in Square Meal Venues & Events, summer 2013

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