30 July 2014

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Top events for facetime


Keith Prowse 2012 - Keith Prowse hospitality IMG_4178.jpg

Keith Prowse has published a report comparing the amount of client face time various sporting events can offer (see info below). The information comes as part of a survey, commissioned by the corporate hospitality provider, which confirms that face-to-face meetings are still considered important by industry leaders for developing strong business relationships. For more information on Keith Prowse Hospitality click here.

Face time indicator

‘Duration of play’ denotes the average time guests can expect to watch sporting activity of their choice. ‘Refreshment time’ is the time guests will enjoy drinks, lunch and afternoon tea. ‘Duration of play’ and ‘refreshment time’ equates to the total amount of social time hosts can expect to spend with guests.

Graph - Keith Prowse graph7.jpg7.jpg

Total amount of time spent with clients:

Rugby - 5.5 hours

Henley Festival - 6 hours

Rowing - 6 hours

Polo - 7.5 hours

Horse racing - 8.5 hours

Tennis - 9.5 hours

Cricket - 10 hours

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