29 July 2014

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Take the Gin Mare Cocktail Tour


Skylon Gin Mare - Gin_Mare_138x_resized-4.jpgWhere better to experience the fabulous qualities of Gin Mare than at six of London’s coolest bars? Take a tour of the capital at these decadent drinking dens…

Gin Mare establishes a new benchmark in the super-premium gin category, with an innovative pan-Mediterranean concept that unites the different cultures around its shores and uses the finest botanicals to be found in the region, such as Arbequina olives, thyme, basil and rosemary.

Thanks to the separate maceration and distillation of each botanical, Gin Mare is tremendously versatile when it comes to preparing a gin and tonic or other gin-based cocktails. Add a fresh basil leaf or sprig of rosemary to your G&T for a truly Mediterranean experience or try a classic dry martini which brings out perfectly the subtle notes of Arbequina olive in Gin Mare.

Bartenders are becoming more and more creative with Gin Mare when making cocktails. This is due to the versatility of the brand, as the unusual savoury and herbaceous botanicals give the bartenders a great platform on which to base their ideas. Gin Mare makes the perfect G&T and dirty martini – it still has a healthy proportion of juniper, but the addition of the herbs and Arbequina olive gives it another dimension as seen in the Mediterranean-inspired cocktails made at the Gin Mare cocktail competition each year.

Check out these cool City venues – each one serving its own creative Gin Mare cocktail.

The Gin Mare City Tour

Skylon (pictured, top right)

Our tour begins with a fantastic view of the Thames. The bar at Skylon is perfect for a first date, business meeting, you name it. Settle into one of the 50s-style armchairs, order a cocktail and soak up the Waterloo sunset. Nebojsa Kutlesic’s gin-za trip cocktail mixes up blueberries and Choya plum liqueur with wasabi and Gin Mare to give both a Japanese and Mediterranean theme.

Voltaire Gin Mare - Gin_Mare_138x_resized-2.jpg

Oxo Tower

Staying on the lively South Bank, we head for the Oxo Tower Bar. With its dedicated outdoor terrace, connoisseurs’ cocktail list and tempting small-plates menu, this eighth-floor venue is a great place to while away an entire evening. Here you can indulge in Oxo Tower’s perfect-serve G&T with a twist: as well as the traditional lemon wedge, a sprig of smoked rosemary and fresh basil leaf are added for extra aroma, colour and eye appeal. As an extra treat, a green gazpacho ‘sphere’ served in lemon olive oil is served on the side.

Voltaire (pictured, right)

Crossing the river, our next stop is Voltaire, all glitz and glamour, with its lavish decor, cream-leather booths and VIP rooms. Here, the Mediterranean Mojito (Mojiterraneo) is king. Slices of lemon, lime and orange are muddled with fresh basil leaves, before Gin Mare, sugar syrup and cayenne pepper is added, with a top-up of tonic. The taste and aroma is reminiscent of warm, sunny Spanish beaches.

City of London Distillery

A stone’s throw away from Voltaire is the City of London Distillery – the only working example in the Square Mile – and its spartan, saloon-style basement bar. Unsurprisingly, gin is the standout spirit here, with incredibly inventive cocktails and savoury bar snacks available, too. Try El Sirena, a cocktail that includes lavender extract, raspberry liqueur and cardamom tonic to bring out the evocative Mediterranean flavours of Gin Mare.

Nightjar Gin Mare - Gin_Mare_138x_resized-1.jpgNightjar (pictured, right)

The bar haven of Shoreditch is our next stop. Nightjar, the 1920s’ American-style jewel, offers decidedly uptown drinking, with witty garnishes that would guarantee its cocktails a place on any world’s best-dressed list. Its Yorkshire Punch cocktail, served from a metal owl (a symbol of the county), combines Gin Mare with berry liqueur, apple and rhubarb juice, herbs and spices, and even cold Yorkshire tea. The finishing touch – a seductive cloud of dry ice – has the effect of cooling the drink down without diluting it.


We end in the east of the capital, at Michelin-starred Viajante, with its sexy, sophisticated feel and dramatic decor. The perfect precursor to chef-patron Nuno Mendes’ full gastronomic monty, the bar can certainly match the wizardry from the kitchen. Finish your Gin Mare tour with a Viajante Spanish Martini, enriched by smoked vodka and brightened with manzanilla sherry in place of vermouth, with a suitably whizz-kid garnish of dehydrated black olives and sea salt.

This advertorial was published in the autumn 2013 issue of Square Meal Lifestyle.

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