21 August 2014

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What is the most important factor when booking a venue for a Christmas party?


Our week in pictures: the Christmas break


A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. So, imagine what we got up to during the season to be jolly! In fairness, we behaved – for the most part, anyway. Here are some snaps so you can see.

WIPs Christmas - A_traditional_'julbord'_(Christmas_sm_rg_sbord)_served_up_at_Annica's_parents'.jpg

A traditional 'julbord' (Christmas smörgåsbord) served up at Annica's parents'.

WIPs Christmas - Where_do_the_Venues_Events_editorial_team_go_for_their_Christmas_party._The_Underworld_in_Camden_of_course._Four_Wheel_Drive_were_awesome.jpg

Where do the Venues & Events editorial team go for their Christmas party? The Underworld in Camden, of course. Four Wheel Drive were awesome.

WIPs Christmas - Being_the_smallest_member_of_our_team_Millie_gets_picked_on_by_Damo_and_Russ_who_like_to_send_her_travelling_round_the_office._Bullies..jpg

Being the smallest member of our team, Millie gets picked on by Damo and Russ, who like to send her travelling round the office. Bullies.

WIPs Christmas - Name_the_Reporter_hiding_behind_the_Camden_Pale_Ale._Mmm_beer..jpg

Name the reporter hiding behind the Camden Pale Ale at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. She wasn't shy when our annual karaoke bash got started.

WIPs Christmas - Our_dearest_Ami_(who's_sadly_doing_her_last_week_with_the_Square_Meal_Lifestyle_team_this_week)_belts_out_karaoke_hits_with_surprise_vocal_talent_Jen_from_Marketing.jpg

Speaking of karaoke, here's our dearest Ami (who's sadly in her last week with the Square Meal Lifestyle team this week) belting out some hits with surprise vocal talent Jen from Marketing.

WIPs Christmas - We_take_our_cheese_very_seriously_and_Paxton_and_Whitfield_in_Stratford-upon-Avon_did_not_disappoint._Good_lad..jpg

We take our cheese very seriously. Paxton and Whitfield in Stratford-upon-Avon did not disappoint. Good lads.

WIPs Christmas - Annica_checks_to_see_if_Damo's_hair_is_real._Millie_looks_unsure_too._Thuang's_just_in_the_zone..jpg

Annica checks to see if Damo's hair is real. Millie looks unsure too. Thuang's just in the zone.

WIPs Christmas - Damien_gives_us_the_best_smouldering_look_he_can_muster_after_a_night_on_the_town_with_fellow_French_rockers.jpg

Damien gives us the best smouldering look he can muster after a night on the town with some fellow French rockers.

WIPs Christmas - Russ_and_his_lady_booked_a_lodge_in_Devon_for_a_Christmas_and_New_Year's_break.jpg

Russ and his lady booked a lodge in Devon for a Christmas and New Year's break.

WIPs Christmas - Millie_made_a_friend_in_her_parents'_new_local_in_the_Cotswolds._Looking_pretty_regal_there..jpg

Millie made a friend in her parents' new local in The Cotswolds. Looking pretty regal there.

WIPs Christmas - Russ_got_one_step_closer_to_completing_the_Black_Sabbath_look_with_this_beauty_of_a_present.jpg

Russ got one step closer to completing the Black Sabbath look with this beauty of a present.

WIPs Christmas - Annica's_brother_does_what_every_other_Swede_does_at_3pm_on_Christmas_eve._Watches_the_Disney_Christmas_special.jpg

Annica's brother does what every other Swede does at 3pm on Christmas Eve. Watches the Disney Christmas special.

WIPs Christmas - The_Oak_at_Upton_Snodsbury_in_Worcestershire_offers_a_slightly_different_take_on_your_usual_Christmas_Day_lunch.jpg

The Oak at Upton Snodsbury in Worcestershire offers a slightly different take on your usual Christmas Day lunch.

WIPs Christmas - What_could_be_inside_Annica's_super-long_Christmas_present._Answers_on_a_postcard_please.jpg

What could be inside Annica's super-long Christmas present? Answers on a postcard, please.

WIPs Christmas - Russ_enjoys_the_beautiful_coast_near_Salcombe_in_Devon_on_NYE.jpg

Russ enjoys the beautiful coast near Salcombe in Devon on NYE.

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