31 July 2014

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Our week in pictures: 9 - 15 September, 2013


A week in the life of team V&E is a mixed bag of eating and drinking, meeting and greeting, dancing, and occasional bad behaviour. Here are some snaps so you can see what we get up to.

Week in pictures 230913 - Coming_face-to-face_with_Rowan_Atkinson_at_Goodwood_Revival4.jpg4.jpg

Millie and her motor-filming boyfriend came face-to-face with Rowan Atkinson at Goodwood Revival

Week in pictures 230913 - Damien_and_our_super-brain_freelancer_Tobias_try_out_the_new_sashimi-focused_menu_at_Gilgamesh_Camden..jpg

Damien and our super-brain freelancer Tobias try out the new sashimi-focused menu at Gilgamesh, Camden.

Week in pictures 230913 - Annica_goes_all_hubbly_bubbly_at_an_Arabic-themed_birthday_party_in_Barcelona.jpg

Annica goes all hubbly bubbly at an Arabic-themed birthday party in Barcelona.

Week in pictures 230913 - Vintage_cereal_at_Goodwood_Revival_-_we_know_what_we'll_be_having_for_breakfast_from_now_on..jpg

Vintage cereal at Goodwood Revival - we know what we'll be having for breakfast from now on.

Week in pictures 230913 - 'Dad's_Army'_lookalikes_at_Goodwood_Revival..jpg

'Dad's Army' lookalikes at Goodwood Revival.

Week in pictures 230913 - Chicken_chips_washed_down_with_peach_bellinis._1_Lombard_Street's_15th_birthday_party_gets_the_thumbs_up_from_Annica_and_Caroline.jpg

Chicken & chips washed down with peach bellinis. 1 Lombard Street's 15th birthday party gets the thumbs up from Annica and Caroline.

Week in pictures 230913 - Pata_Negra_and_oysters_on_the_same_table._Yes_please._1_Lombard_Street_you_know_us_so_well.jpg

Pata Negra and oysters on the same table. Yes please. 1 Lombard Street, you know us so well.

Week in pictures 230913 - EDF_Energy_London_Eye_over_the_Thames_at_dusk.jpg

EDF Energy London Eye watching over the Thames at dusk.

Week in pictures 230913 - because_she's_not_allowed_a_real_motorbike.jpg

Giving it some wellie at the NAMCO showcase - she's not trusted with a real motorbike.

Week in pictures 230913 - Musical_Bingo_at_Troxy's_entertainment-packed_80th_Anniversary_Extravaganza._We_(Damo_and_Annica)_also_loved_the_two-tiered_jazz_band_and_tucked_into_plenty_of_hot_dogs.jpg

Musical Bingo at Troxy's entertainment-packed 80th Anniversary Extravaganza. We (Damo and Annica) also loved the two-tiered jazz band and tucked into plenty of hot dogs.

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