20 August 2014

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Mind-bending Manchester


FutureEverything festival_Destination - FutureEverything-festival.jpgFor a statement of intent, the name FutureEverything is rather big. This ambitious title lends itself to not only a technological and social innovation organisation based in Manchester, but also a festival of art, music and ideas that will be taking place in May. Encouraging debate, unveiling new artworks and welcoming musicians to perform, there’s an awful lot to do across the weekend.

Brazilian electronic musician Amon Tobin will be headlining with his show ISAM, a mind-boggling audiovisual assault on the senses that sees him perform inside a massive cube-like structure that projects futuristic interpretations of the music to a wide-eyed audience.

Meanwhile, experimental music visionary Matthew Herbert will be bringing his One Pig show to the Royal Northern College of Music. The performance is based on his album of the same name, which follows the life of a pig from birth to dinner plate, and includes the use of the styharp – a new instrument designed for the show – which will be played alongside a chef cooking bacon.

Food for thought indeed.

FutureEverything Festival, 16-19 May, venues in Manchester.

This article was published in April 2012.

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