23 July 2014

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Martin Creed to unveil a new look for The Gallery at Sketch


artist martin creed_sketch 2012 - Martin_Creed_at_Sketch_images.jpgTurner Prize-winning artist Martin Creed (pictured, right), who is known for his acclaimed installations, sculpture, music, dance and film, will transform Sketch’s Gallery restaurant (pictured below as it currently stands) as part of a year-long artistic project for the venue that coincides with its 10th anniversary.

The new-look interior, which will be unveiled on 1 March, will combine art, food and design by making artworks out of items such as knives, forks and furniture, and by transforming the restaurant into an exhibition space.

Creed’s ever-changing displays will include a formation of 96 types of marble zig-zagging across the floor, a series of large-scale wall paintings, and a space in which every single piece of cutlery, glassware and furniture is unique to the dining room.

Sketch’s executive chef Pierre Gagnaire will design a playful, creative menu to complement the contemporary, cutting-edge feel of the new-look Gallery.

Sketch Gallery - Gallery 0111_sketch_Gallery_2.jpgSketch has long been known for its eclectic, eye-popping and fun interior design, as well as its food. The venue has also hosted scores of moving-image art exhibitions in the decade since its launch, as part of its Sketch Gallery Foundation, which promotes new talent. Its 10th anniversary coincides with the London Olympics, to which Creed has also been asked to contribute.

This article was published in February 2012.

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