22 August 2014

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Autumn's winning wine anecdote announced


Champagne - 183.jpgThis autumn saw fierce competition between readers all hoping to get their hands on the final magnum of Champagne in Louis Roederer’s celebrated wine-anecdote promotion.

The competition is part of Louis Roederer’s annual Wine List of the Year awards, held in association with Square Meal’s sister publication, Imbibe; it sees Square Meal readers share their favourite wine moments or wine-related stories in a bid to win bottles of Champagne.

So far this year, two Square Meal readers have been rewarded with magnums of Louis Roederer’s 2005 vintage – so there was everything to play for in the bid to win the third and final magnum.

The run-up to Christmas brought forward wine-related stories full of goodwill to all men – from upgraded versions of spilt bottles replaced by restaurants on the house, to a couple who had recently lost their jobs receiving a free glass of Champagne from the sommelier during an anniversary dinner.

This time round, the judges at Louis Roederer have chosen to send autumn’s magnum of Champagne to the author of an equally heart-warming tale, submitted by Shirley Purchese. The judges chose Shirley’s anecdote because it was clear that she is knowledgeable about wine and appreciates quality – just as well, since a magnum of 2005 Louis Roederer Champagne will grace her table on Christmas morning.

Our warmest congratulations go to Shirley. Here is her winning wine anecdote in full:

‘I was chatting to a regular customer in the off-licence where I worked and I told him it was my birthday the next day. He asked me what my boss was going to get me and I said, ‘You have to be joking – absolutely nothing!’ He then asked my opinion on the most expensive bottle of wine in the store. I recommended a particular wine that I liked instead, but told him that it was out of my price range. He said he would have two bottles. He paid for them, gave one to me, and said, ‘That’s for your birthday’. It restored my faith in human kindness and I enjoyed every last drop.’

Keep your stories coming over Christmas and the New Year; in January, the judges at Louis Roederer will decide whose anecdote will win a case of six bottles of its 2005 vintage.

Find out how to submit your wine-list anecdotes.

This story was published in December 2012.

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