23 July 2014

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London’s best steak restaurants


Hawksmoor steak - Hawksmoor_steak.jpgRaise the steaks this Father’s Day and bring out your dad’s inner caveman by treating him to a slap-up meal at one of London’s top steak joints. From high-end hunks of beef (and fantastic cocktails) at all-round winner Hawksmoor to glamorous dining at 34, Square Meal will help you make the cut on 17 June.

34, Mayfair

Caprice Holdings’ glitzy steakhouse is a plush affair that’s comfortably at home in its posh Mayfair surrounds. Steaks range from prime, dry-aged Scottish beef via Australian Wagyu to Creekstone Farm USDA cooked on an Argentinian grill. The fun doesn’t stop there though: beefy starters could include ox tongue with onion tart and pecorino or classic steak tartare.

Barbecoa_2011_-_B_in_the_window.jpgBarbecoa, St Paul’s

New York BBQ king Adam Perry Lang may no longer patrol the kitchens of his joint venture with Jamie Oliver, but the duo's on-site team continues to cook up a mean steak using quality cuts from dry-aged British and Irish herds. The menu is fiercely carnivorous but surprisingly refined, and the City setting (pictured, left) boasts wonderful views of St Paul’s.

Buen Ayre, Broadway Market

This Argentinian grill is a carnivore’s paradise according to happy regulars. They return to this rustic dining room time and again for big, juicy steaks from the Pampas, served with lashings of sides ranging from bubbling provolone to garlicky chips – plus, of course, full-bodied Argentinian wines. Simplicity is the key here – which is just the way fans like it.

Cut at 45 Park Lane, Mayfair

This blingy US steak joint and celebrity magnet hit London last year, offering prime cuts of beef sourced from all over the world, grilled over hardwood and charcoal then blasted in an American-style broiler. Prices are high, but the result is all-out luxury – from the sumptuous surrounds of The Dorchester’s boutique hotel to standout sides.


Dark, moody and covered in cowhide, this sexy steak chain (pictured, right) offers diners a protein hit with a side of fun. Start with cocktails at the dimly lit bar, before choosing your beef from a board of raw cuts. After that, mix and match with gussied-up South American starters and sides, from ceviche and tamales to sizzling sausage platters, but save room for the dulce de leche desserts.


This Russian-owned mini-chain of red-blooded eateries takes its steak super-seriously. A generous choice of breeds and cuts (including specials) spends time in Goodman’s in-house ageing room to milk maximum flavour potential from each slab of protein. Starters and puds are pure New York indulgence, and the wine list is also cracking value.


Sublime cocktails and some of the most expertly cooked meat in town (pictured, left and top right) characterise all three of these buzzy shrines to steak. Weighty cuts such as chateaubriand or bone-in rib are chalked up on the specials board, inviting eager carnivores and expense-account diners to gobble them up with some bone-marrow gravy and triple-cooked chips on the side. Loosen your belt for puddings that combine old-school comfort with quirky thrills.

The Popeseye Steakhouse, Olympia

Scottish steak is the name of the game here, and this Olympia stalwart puts it centre stage: Popeseye offers no bread or starters to take the edge off your hunger; instead, it goes straight to the heart with char-grilled hunks of Aberdeen Angus sirloin or fillet (up to 30oz), served with oozing juices and crispy chips. An institution well worth visiting.

Santa Maria del Sur, Battersea

This smoke-filled, south London restaurant sells itself with its sizzle: everything from black pudding and jumbo chorizos to peppers and provolone cheese is cooked on the kitchen’s huge grill – in addition to gargantuan Argentinean steaks, of course. The restaurant is a real hit with locals, who lap up everything on offer, including the beefy wine list.

tramshed hix 2012 - Hix_Tramshed_2012_resized.jpgTramshed, Shoreditch

Mark Hix’s latest venture (pictured, right) offers only two main-course options: chicken or steak. Meticulous sourcing is one of his trademarks, so you can expect really top-notch beef to hit your plate: ‘mighty-marbled’ Glenarm sirloin is the cut of choice, and it comes in 250g increments (up to 1kg). In addition, the vast refectory-style dining room and striking Damien Hirst art installations make for a memorable meal.

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