23 July 2014

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London’s best coffee shops


Espresso Bar - Espresso_Bar_2009_-_bestblackboardandcoffee.jpgLooking for an extra spurt of energy to get you through the working day? Make a pitstop at one of the capital’s top coffee shops. From full-on flat whites to creamy cappuccinos, our selection of London’s best coffee shops will have you going from 0 to 60 in, well, about half an hour or so.

Allpress Espresso Roastery, East London

With sacks of single-origin beans greeting you at the entrance, and the Petroncini roaster working its magic by the window, this minimalist café means business. It sells beans – from Columbian to Ethiopian – by the kilo, too.

Espresso Bar at the British Library, Bloomsbury (pictured, top right)

Peyton & Byrne's Espresso Bar really does take coffee seriously. With a range of eight single-estate beans to choose from and an on-site roaster, you can feel pretty secure that you’re going to get a good cup of Joe. Try the mild Jamaican Blue Mountain with its slightly bitter edge or the rich, syrupy Sumatra Mandeling.

Espresso Room, Bloomsbury

This tiny coffee stop stands proudly beside the big boys, garnering glowing reviews for its spot-on espressos and creamy lattes, made with beans from the Square Mile Coffee Roasters.

Federation Coffee, Brixton

One of the gems of the redeveloped Brixton Village, Federation is run by two chirpy New Zealanders who welcome caffeine addicts with flat whites and homespun sugar hits – from buttery friands to full-on brownies or Anzac biscuits.

Fernandez & Wells, Soho

Fernandez & Wells has three branches in Soho, plus one in Somerset House, on the Strand. All serve a cracking cup, although the St Anne’s Court branch is the most coffee-focused. Try the house ‘stumpy’ – a super-strong shot of HasBean coffee with a dash of frothy milk, served in a short, stubby glass.

Monmouth Coffee - Park-Street-Square_-_2011_WEB.jpg

Kaffeine, Bloomsbury

Pitched in the heart of Fitzrovia, Kaffeine sets out its stall with funky music, highly trained baristas and an eye for quality. A top-of-the-range Synesso Cyncra machine delivers pitch-perfect espresso, while a market-led menu offers accompanying snacks and cakes.

Monmouth Coffee, Covent Garden (pictured, left)

Since Monmouth opened in Covent Garden more than 30 years ago it has paved the way for Britain’s proper-coffee culture. All its coffee is rigorously sourced and Fairtrade, the milk and sugar are organic – and the result is legendary.

Nude Espresso, Shoreditch

Shoreditch coffee geek Nude Espresso doesn’t mess about: all beans are aged for seven days, then each variety is individually roasted and graded by eye. Try the smooth, chocolate-y house blend,‘East’.

Ozone Coffee Roasters, Shoreditch (pictured, right)

ara wine promotion_ozone coffee - ozone-high-res-12a_Ara2.jpg

Winners of an industry award for the Best Coffee Experience in 2012, Ozone Coffee Roasters has stirred up quite a buzz in Shoreditch. Pop in for the shop’s signature ‘soft’ brew, a long americano, or a flat white. With all beans roasted on site, a tasty cup is guaranteed. Non-caffeine addicts can try the house range of hot chocolate, including dark, chilli or peppermint.

Prufrock Coffee, various locations

Run by a previous World Barista Champion, Prufrock takes a scientific approach to creating a good cup of the black stuff, with test tubes and Bunsen burners put to full use by experienced hands.

This feature was updated in January 2013.

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