28 July 2014

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Literary libations at Islington's Public House


literary feast_mercedes destination 2012 - literary-feast_resized.jpgWe all know that there is nothing quite as relaxing as reclining, book in hand, with a decent dram or martini by your side.

And it seems as if this private comfort is crossing the line into the public domain as events have started popping up, celebrating the connections between drink and the written word.

Islington’s Public House has been quick off the mark, launching a monthly liquid book club that sees attendees dissect a book that has strong links with alcohol – be it in the plot or the author’s penchant for it – while supping on specially created cocktails throughout the evening.

Moving further south, the genteel gin brand Hendrick's is creating a Library of Delightfully Peculiar Writings as part of Brighton Fringe. Its programme will inform and amuse guests in such events as Stuffing Peter Rabbit – where guest taxidermist Lee Paton will get to work with a dead rabbit – and A Dirty Martini with Evelyn Waugh.

literary feast_mercedes destination 2012 - literary-feast_resized_2.jpgInnovative jellymongers Bompas & Parr have also managed to muscle into the action, presenting a dinner of four literary-themed courses with matching Hendrick’s cocktails, and an exploding dessert for the climax.

Whatever way you approach them, these literary libations will certainly take you on a stroll through wonderland.

Public House’s liquid book club happens on the penultimate Tuesday of every month.

Hendrick’s Library of Delightfully Peculiar Writings will take place 17-27 May. Click here to book tickets.

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