23 July 2014

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Kitchen Confidential: Richard Corrigan


Irish chef Richard Corrigan talks Tania Ballantine through the kitchen of his Muswell Hill home

corrigan1 - MG_9144.jpgBefore we bought this house, we were in Crouch End. We looked at other places, but when we came to this house I liked the vibe. Houses have a vibe. The kitchen was all here already; the only thing we’ve changed is that we painted it white. But we have lots of kids around here, so it’s a bit grubbier. Then there’s Jasper, our dog. We were looking for a dog and a rescue centre in Hampstead put him our way, so we thought: why not? Jasper landed in heaven – he gets rib bones from the carvery at Corrigan’s Mayfair. I love animals; I was brought up on a farm.

I could live without anything. In Crouch End, we had this old Edwardian house and the oven door used to fall off every time we opened it. I refused to change it, because I’m a cook. A little tinfoil here, a little bit there – always works.

I’m not one for the latest gadgets or the latest everything. I buy my pots from Ikea: 18/10 stainless steel, the best steel. They cost £22 for three and they last you 20 years. I love Ikea. I think it’s great value.

corrigan2 - MG_9154.jpgMy instinct is to waste nothing, so you see lots of odd glasses and cups, lots of different knives – from Victorinox and JA Henckels to Laguiole – and bits and bobs. And I take them to the charity shop every five years rather than put anything in the bin. I have a frugal attitude to everything in life. I’m just a farmer’s son and the farmer community doesn’t waste. We don’t do any kind of celebrity nonsense. Home life is home life. I keep my family out of my work. 

I like entertaining. I like hospitality and friends around the table. Sometimes friends sleep over, so we stay up ’til 2am or 3am talking politics, having a great time. We don’t necessarily talk about wine, even though we have good wines. And we don’t necessarily talk about food – it’s only an accompaniment to the evening. We don’t do ‘dinner party’ food. But we eat well, we drink well. It’s just friends and family. Nothing formal. And if they bring kids, we always have a few frozen pizzas for them.
I do like a traditional Sunday lunch. It’s sacrosanct – people sat sharing and talking and communicating. And when it’s roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and horseradish sauce, it’s even better.


Bamboo steamer from £1.62, www.wingyipstore.co.uk
Copper casserole 186 for similar product, www.e-dehillerin.fr
Knives including Victorinox and JA Henckels, www.pagescatering.co.uk
Le Crusset casseroles from £65, www.johnlewis.com
Miele oven/steam oven from £700/£1,200, www.johnlewis.com
Siemens fridge-freezer from £1,293, Marks & Spencer, 0870 197 4344

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill, 11-15 Swallow Street, W1B 4DG; 020 7734 4756; www.bentleys.org
Corrigan’s Mayfair, 28 Upper Grosvenor Street, W1K 7EH;
020 7499 9943; www.corrigansmayfair.com

Editorial feature from Square Meal Lifestyle Magazine Summer 2010

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