21 August 2014

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Judge bespoke dishes from top UK restaurants paired with Hennessy X.O


Hennessy, the world’s number-one-selling Cognac, has challenged some of the UK’s most prestigious fine-dining restaurants to create the ultimate after-dinner food pairing to complement a digestif of Hennessy X.O.chocolate praline dessert_berwick lodge - Hennessy_food_and_drink_pairing.jpg

Chefs and sommeliers at leading restaurants have worked in pairs to create a dish that will enhance the flavours of Hennessy X.O, with its aromas of rich spices, dried fruit, chocolate aromas, cinnamon and vanilla. The creators of the best pairings will be invited to the home of Hennessy, the beautiful Château de Bagnolet for a Cognac blending and food-pairing masterclass.

These bespoke delicacies will be available for diners to enjoy all summer at the participating restaurants, allowing you to be the judge of which restaurant has created the most unique and indulgent Hennessy experience. Email a review of your Hennessy digestif experience – including your thoughts on the uniqueness, taste and presentation of the creations – to [email protected] by 1 September 2011, and you could win a bottle of Hennessy X.O.

The competing restaurants and their dishes are:

Simon Radley at The Chester Grosvenor
hennessy_chester grosvenor - CHESTER_GROSVENOR.jpg A trio of cigars (pictured, right): the first cigar is made with a fig fruit ‘leather’ (dehydrated fig purée), filled with fig mousse. The second is made with flavoured spéculoos biscuit, covered in honey milk chocolate. The third is made from Lapsang Souchong-infused ganache, dipped in sweet honeycomb, £9.50.
Created by head pastry chef Luke Frost at the Michelin-starred restaurant

The Restaurant at Berwick Lodge
Valrhona Manjari chocolate cylinder with a liquid centre, sandwiched between milk chocolate-and-praline discs. Served with raisin purée and coffee-bean-and-hazelnut streusel, £8 (dish pictured, above lift)
Created by head chef Chris Wicks

hennessy_auberge du lac - AUBERGE_DU_LAC_1.jpgAuberge du Lac
Hennessy X.O with tobacco-infused Manjari Valrhona chocolate, rolled in milk chocolate and served with ‘smoked ash’ and ‘matchsticks’, £22 (pictured, right).
Created by Michelin-starred executive chef Phil Thompson

hennessy_simspons - SIMPSONS_2.jpgSimpsons Restaurant
Bonbon of Valrhona Taïnori chocolate, caramelised apple jelly, tonka-bean butter and smoked Maldon sea salt, £1 each (pictured, left).
Created by Michelin-starred head chef Adam Bennett

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