31 July 2014

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Galliano: indulge in late-night luxury


galliano 2012 - galliano-1.jpgDiners are heading to the capital’s coolest bars for post-dinner digestifs, and Galliano is the perfect way to add a touch of Italian style to such an occasion.

The London bar scene has never been hotter, and diners across the capital are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a late-night destination. What’s interesting, however, is that the hordes heading for these hotspots aren’t just going out for pre-dinner drinks; no, there is a discernible trend for Londoners moving on from their restaurant and finding a bar in which to enjoy a post-dinner digestif.

This way of ending a night out has long been popular on the continent, particularly in Italy, France and Spain. Slowly savouring a drink over ice is fast becoming a preferred alternative way to enjoy those after-dinner moments while relaxing with family and friends.

If you appreciate your drinks, then it’s obvious that the best way to enjoy a digestif is to take your time – those after a quick fix should look elsewhere – and when it comes to the perfect digestif, there are only three serious choices if you want to fully capture the spirito Italiano: Galliano L’Autentico, Galliano Ristretto and Galliano Vanilla.

L’Autentico is a unique and amazing combination of herbs and spices, including Mediterranean anise, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla. Famed for its golden-yellow colour with a light-green hue, L’Autentico has a predominant aniseed note, which softens to a mellow richness on the palate. Coffee lovers will love Galliano Ristretto, made with Arabica and Robusto beans, which combine to offer a beguiling aroma of bitter chocolate, rich espresso coffee and notes of toast and liquorice, with an espresso-led finish topped off with a hint of peppermint freshness. And Galliano Vanilla adds an extra dimension: similar to L’Autentico, but with a more pronounced vanilla flavour, in addition to the subtle mix of aromatic herbs.

Whichever your preference, all three are easily recognisable because of the iconic Galliano bottle (pictured, right), designed to tower over the competition, and modelled on columns found in ancient Roman temples.

Digestif destinations

Connaught2 - Connaught_Coburg_Bar_waiter.jpgLondon is blessed with many amazing bars, but the following are among the best for desirable digestifs:


Atul Kochhar’s starry Indian in Berkeley Square, with its dark-chocolate colour scheme and ornate water feature with floating flowers and candles, is perfect for a late-night tipple.

The Connaught Bar

This art deco temple to drink (pictured, above left) is one of Mayfair’s most stylish watering-holes, run by top mixologist Ago Perrone.

The Old Shoreditch Station

Once part of the Great Eastern railway, this café bar is in the trendiest part of town – a hip hangout for east Londoners.

The Player

A cool hangout for Mad Men types, The Player  has long been the destination of choice for London’s discerning drinkers.


Nuno Mendes’ innovative site in Bethnal Green is a seductive space with a striking chandelier installation.

Over the next few months, squaremeal.co.uk will be announcing a host of special events and Galliano-themed promotions. Watch this space…

Galliano’s cup

(available at The Connaught Bar)

20ml Galliano Vanilla
40ml aged rum
25ml cider brandy
10ml Oloroso sherry
6 mint leaves
1 barspoon sugar

Place the mint and sugar into a glass, muddle gently. Add crushed ice and the rest of the ingredients. Stir gently and garnish with a mint and apple fan.

This promotion was published in the spring 2012 edition of Square Meal Lifestyle.

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