Is this the perfect engagement ring?

You decide

Updated on 14 February 2019 • Written By Thomas Gadd

Is this the perfect engagement ring?

It’s a nightmare that anyone who is planning to propose fears. You’ve chosen a ring, and you're about to get on one knee, but will they like it?

According to a survey of 2,000 women by the jewellers, William May, two thirds of them believe their partners should not be allowed free rein when choosing the design. Yikes, cleary trust is an issue there!

In an attempt to cut would-be proposers some slack, and make staring at glass cases full of rings like a deer in a headlights a thing of the past, William May has designed what it believes is the perfect ring. Using the results of their survey and some computer wizardry, they have designed the ideal engagement ring…

The perfect wedding ring by William May

According to 2,000 women, this is the perfect ring

Compiled together from the majority of the surveyed women’s opinions, the ultimate ring is a white gold band (25%), with a round cut half-carat diamond (25%) and in a solitaire setting (36%).

So if you've never had a set idea of what your engagement ring should look like, at least you've now got a place to start. William May spokesperson, Nick Withington said, “Proposals are joyous occasions for all parties involved, at least now those in doubt have some guidance when it comes to making the right decision for their significant other.”

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man proposes on one knee

The wild-eyed look of fear on someone who really hopes they chose a good engagement ring

The pressure is definitely on when you’re proposing with a ring, as 54% of women admit that if they don’t like the ring they’re given, they will pretend to like it. It’s no surprise then, that 62% of Brits think it’s acceptable to ‘do the deed’ without an engagement ring.

While we think it’s great that there’s a model ring to base your choice on, it’s important to remember that your future fiancé might not enjoy what everyone else does. Because of that, we still reckon it might be worth bringing a friend or a future mother in law along to the jewellers.

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