3 of the best fitness classes for brides

3 of the best fitness classes for brides

Updated on 09 January 2019 • Written By Elisa Bray

3 of the best fitness classes for brides
You’ll want to look your best for your big day. Here are three classes that should suit every bride’s fitness needs


SquareMeal Weddings 2017 magazine - health and fitness

It’s all about hybrid swimming classes this year. Think spinning, boxing and jogging – all under water. And the best thing about it for you? Since aqua classes are kind on your joints, there’s little chance of getting injured before the big day.

If you’re looking to shed fat and achieve a toned body quickly for your fast-approaching wedding, join Swimsanity’s high-intensity aqua workout. It’s the water version of the popular Insanity classes with ‘maximum interval training’, which will see you improve your fitness in record time.

Whether you’re jogging or boxing under water you’ll burn between 400 and 600 calories an hour and achieve the toned bridal body you dreamed of.

It will also improve your swimming skills – useful for your honeymoon. 

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USP Water workout

Where Health clubs across London

How much From free for members

More info swimsanity.co.uk


Sweat by BXR

SquareMeal Weddings 2017 magazine - health and fitness

If the process of finalising your guest list is getting a little heated, a boxing class will help you release the tension. Head for the hot new fitness destination BXR, the world’s first high-end boxing gym where you can tone your body like model Gigi Hadid.

Launched in January, Sweat by BXR will have you focusing on the three essentials of professional athletic training: cardio, strength and conditioning, and technique. The classes are taught by elite trainers, including some of London’s most respected boxing coaches, ex-champion boxers and current professional fighters. They work alongside strength coaches and mentors to guide you into the right mindset. Not only will you sculpt your body, but you’ll be free of stress.

USP Stress buster

Where BXR, Marylebone

How much from £15 per class

More info bxrlondon.com


Seen on Screen Fitness

SquareMeal Weddings 2017 magazine - health and fitness

The prospect of the first dance sets many a bride’s nerves jangling. Seen on Screen Fitness classes will help banish your jitters while you work towards a toned body to show off in your wedding gown. The process is also a lot of fun.

Unleash your inner pop star by learning simple routines with instructors who have danced with the likes of Rihanna and Beyoncé. You’ll be moving to their specially curated monthly playlist – think pop hits, old school R’n’B and the latest Ibiza dance numbers.

Seen on Screen Fitness’s mission is for you to leave feeling inspired and empowered to be the best version of you. It will teach you all the sassy moves you need to feel confident in front of your guests. You’ll be the queen of the D floor for sure.

USP Into the groove

Where Across London from Clapham to Notting Hill, Manchester and online 

How much £15-£30pp

More info seenonscreenfitness.com


Plus four programmes to keep you stress-free

It’s not just about getting the body into shape – a calm mind is essential for getting the most out of your wedding day and looking your best. Have a look at these so you can keep calm and marry on
SquareMeal Weddings 2017 magazine - health and fitness

Quick fix

A weight-busting, cleansing detox kit could be just the thing you need to feel energised and rock your dream dress. Amrita’s Easy Detox comes in sachets that are taken alongside healthy foods and light exercise.

SquareMeal Weddings 2017 magazine - health and fitness


There’s no doubt that yoga releases tension, but Virgin Active’s Calm by Candlelight classes at its Bank and Broadgate branches take it to a new level. Candlelight removes distractions so you focus on the experience.

SquareMeal Weddings 2017 magazine - health and fitness


To get into the zone, head to Dr Glenis Wade’s Department of Calm at K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherd’s Bush. Relaxing treatments are paired with one-to-one stress-reduction coaching in personalised packages.

SquareMeal Weddings 2017 magazine - health and fitness


Meditation quietens the mind and lowers blood pressure. Forty minutes in a flotation tank is claimed to be the equivalent to three hours of meditation because of the deeply relaxing state achieved. Try it at Floatworks in Vauxhall.